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 12/13/17- Another Great Update. Spanish American War Officer's Campaign Hat, Captured Spanish American War Spanish 1843 Pioneer Short Sword. Nice Selection of WWI Photography Including 2 American Volunteer Ambulance Drivers Photo Albums. WWI Hats and Headgear. Some Very Nice WWI Uniforms and Equipment Including an Ultra Rare 248TH Aero Squadron Enlisted Uniform Set. Huge Selection of WWI Imperial German Shoulder Straps. Amazing WWI Dinner Gong made from a Shell Fired During the Closing Hours of November 11TH, 1918. Very Nice WWII Army Tankers Helmet Set. Large Selection of WWII Navy and Army Contract Medals. Japanese NCO's Combat Sword. Very Rare WWII POW Chaplain's Uniform Grouping Obtained Directly From the Family. The Most Historic Vietnam Grouping of Son Tay Raider Artifacts Ever Presented, Consisting of Items Used on that November 20TH, 1970 Raid!!!and Much, Much More!!!

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