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Spanish American War Items
SA-730  Amazing AP (Armor Piecing)1-Pounder Shell removed from the Battleship Maine after the wreck in February in 1898 and presented in June of 1898. You can see the effect of salt water on the projectile head. Documented items raised from the USS Maine are few and far between. Rare item which can be the centerpiece for an entire exhibit. $825  ON HOLD
SA-729   Rare Spanish American captured bronze nautical bracket removed from the Spanish ship Viscaya after it was sunk by the USS Brooklyn in Santiago Bay Cuba. $395
SA-728  Fantastic Spanish Cartridge Box used by Spanish Regulars in the Philippines. Very rare. $395
SA-727  Exceptionally rare Spanish American War Hospital Corpsman's Tunic with green trimmed collar, cuffs and stripes. Choice condition except for some small moth nips on the white piped front button fly edge. Bullion trimmed Sergeant's stripes. Only one of these I have seen for sale!! $995 $SOLD$
SA-726  1900-1901 contract dated Philippine Insurrection Corporal's tunic. Very good condition overall. Blue trimmed lining. $395ON HOLD
SA-725  Model 1902 Campaign Hat in choice condition. Standard start perforation vents with reinforced chon strap holes. Just lacks the silk outer band. $695$SOLD$
SA-724   Rare captured Spanish American War Cuban Ammo Box with a Havana, Cuba maker stamp. This box is missing the interior divider. $375
SA-723  Spanish American War Haversack flap used by the 69TH "Jolo" Regiment in the Philippines until 1898. The knapsack was cotton with a tarred flap. Rare Souvenir of the Spanish American War. $275
SA-722   Captured Spanish American War, Spanish knapsack flag, as carried by each member of their respective battalion. this one is from the Infantry Regiment, Princesa No.4. which served in Cuba from 1896 to 1898 as part of the "Brigada de la Troche de Jucaro a San Fernando, Sancti Spiritus Division.". Each was wrapped around the knapsack when in garrison. $695 $SOLD$
SA-721    Model 1881 and Sun Helmet plate. Very good condition. $60
SA-720   25TH Infantry Cap Badge. $35
SA-719  Post Span am 9TH Pennsylvania cap insignia. $35
SA-718   Choice Spanish American War Pill box cap with Infantry Device. $225
SA-716   This bronze plaque is one of approximately 1500 made, this example has serial number #223 and was sculpted for the US Government by Charles Keck in 1913 and cast by Jno. Williams, Inc. a prominent American foundry. The bronze plaque, depicts Columbia (Lady Liberty) holding a shield reading: “PATRIOTISM and DEVOTION”, visible remains of the sunken vessel in the background and the text "In Memoriam USS Maine Destroyed in Havana Harbor February 15, 1898 This Tablet is Cast From Metal Recovered From the USS Maine". Inscribed lower right by sculptor “C.KECK SC 1913 – CAST BY Jno. WILLIAMS, INC., N.Y.”   $1595$SOLD$
SA-713   Great captured Cuban Officer's Belt decorated with buttons and brought back from Cuba in 1898. $335$SOLD$
    SA-712  Fantastic Bamboo Canister made in Cuba in 1898 after the American Victory at San Juan Hill, Kettle Hill and Santiago. Was most likely made for holding tobacco or cigars. Measures approx. 11 inches in height. $245
SA-711  Circa 1900 Blanket bag. $40
SA-710  Circa 1900 Blanket bag. $40
SA-708    Spanish American War Officers false embroidered 16TH Infantry collar insignia. Very tough to find. $85
SA-705 Spanish American Period Cap badge for the 16TH Pennsylvania Infantry with white enamel center. $40
SA-702    Very scarce 1907 US cup. Steel handle with aluminum cup. Very scarce version. $85
SA-699   Model 1889 US Navy Holster for the 38 Revolver with scarce small size embossing. Holster has been waxed which could be removed. This is the white material seen. Could be buffed off or stripped. Tough holster to find. $225
  SA-698   Spanish American War 50 Round Ammo Belt. $125
  SA-697   Spanish American War 50 Round Ammo Belt. $125
SA-695   Very nice Model 1885 US army Blanket with indigo blue field and dark blue stripes. Some scattered 1/2 and 3/4 inch holes. One  larger 2.5 inch as shown. Priced accordingly. $145
  SA-693  Riddabock Model 1881 Helmet with Cavalry, yellow horse hair plume. Plate has been replaced and side buttons are Infantry. Needs correct fittings. $255
SA-686  Set of 24 captured Spanish buttons. Good selection. $100
SA-683  US Army Manual for the 1873 Rifle Carbine and Revolver. Quite scarce. Dated 1898. $220
  SA-681   Model 1872 Drum Major of Cavalry Chevron. These were in use through 1901. $75
  SA-677   Model 1904 Chevrons for Infantry Assistant Band Leader on Dark Blue. $35
  SA-675  Model 1902 Chevrons for Battalion 1ST Sergeant of Artillery on Dark Blue. $40
  SA-674    Model 1902 Chevrons for Battalion Sergeant Majorof Artillery on Dark Blue. $40
  SA-672    Model 1902 Chevrons for Signal Corps Sergeant on Dark Blue. $40
  SA-669    Model 1902 Chevrons for 1ST Sergeant of Cavalry on Dark Blue. 2 small holes as shown. $40
  SA-668    Model 1904 Chevrons for Sergeant Drum Major of Infantry on Dark Blue. $40
  SA-667    Rare Model 1902 Chevrons for Regimental Sgt Major of Cavalry on Dark Blue. $55
  SA-666     Rare Model 1902 Chevrons for Supply Sergeant of Cavalry on Dark Blue. $50
  SA-665    Model 1902 Chevrons for Sergeant of Cavalry on Dark Blue. $30
  SA-664  Model 1904 Chevrons for First Sergeant of Infantry on Dark Blue. $30
  SA-663  Master rate possibly for 1902 Artillery. $35
  SA-661      Model 1902 Chevrons for Sergeant of Cavalry on Dark Blue. $30
  SA-660  Model 1904 PFC of Infantry. $30
SA-659  Very nice Model 1885 US army Blanket with indigo blue field and dark blue stripes. Choice condition. Edges were bound by soldier to keep edges from being frayed. $295
  SA-655   Rare Faux Embroidered Officers Collar Devices. One device has just one wire. $120
  SA-654     Rare Faux Embroidered Officers Collar Devices. $150
  SA-653   23RD Infantry Cap Device. $30
  SA-652   9TH Infantry Cap Device. $25
  SA-651   Matched pair of New York Officers Collar Insignia from the 3RD Regiment. $35
  SA-650     Matched pair of New York Officers Collar Insignia from the 23RD Regiment. $35
  SA-649    Matched pair of New York Officers Collar Insignia from the 3RD Regiment. $35
  SA-648    Matched pair of New York Officers Collar Insignia from the 3RD Regiment. $35
  SA-647    Single, sew on, New York Officers Collar Insignia from the 3RD Regiment. $35
  SA-640   Spanish American War cap badge with  the unusual wires. $50
SA-638   Very scarce Model 1893 Officers Tunic with Lt. Colonels rank on the sleeves. This short lived design was only used between 1893-1895. Tunic is in good condition with the exception of one "L" shaped repair to the right arm. $695
SA-636    Trapdoor Rifle/ Krag Rifle sling. Good condition overall. $120
  SA-630  Set of 4 Model 1902 Rank insignia as worn on the cotton blouse. $55
SA-626   Spanish American War, 1898 dated Ammo Crate for 45 Caliber Ammo. I believe this was for the Trapdoor Springfield. $155
  SA-620  Spanish American War Officers shoulder strap Eagles. Impossible to find!!   $175 pr.
SA-614   Circa 1902 Porcelain Army Issue Cup. $85
SA-611  Very clean, Spanish American War, New York Officers Pill Box cap. Named on the interior. Beautiful bullion State insignia. Some slight wear to mohair band as shown. $265 
SA-609  Spanish American War Officers Visor Cap. Excellent condition overall. $225
SA-608   Spanish American War gray leggings with wool linings- State contract. $60  $SOLD$
SA-607  Philippine Insurrection enamel cup. $75
SA-606   Model 1904 US Issue cup. $60
  SA-605   Span Am/ Philippine Insurrection Haversack. Very odd is the fact that the flap is printed on both sides and shows it was used on both!! $75
  SA-602   Model 1899 Cavalry Shoulder Straps. $20
  SA-600  Model 1899 Infantry Tan (1902) Shoulder Straps. $20
  SA-599   Model 1899 Artillery Shoulder Straps. $20
SA-587   Fantastic Spanish American War treatise on the Naval Actions during the Spanish American War including original information from Spanish sources. $80
  SA-571   WWII Corporals stripes. $20
SA-537  Very rare Maryland Spanish American War Ladder Badge. Nice condition. $225 $SOLD$
  SA-536   Admiral Dewey souvenir card. Put out by  a Tea Company. Approx 4 x 6 inches. $40
  SA-508  Model 1902 Infantry shoulder cords for the blue uniform. $30
  SA-501  Scarce "National Guard, State of Maine" service medal. $40
  SA-498  Georgia State Faithful Service Medal. Rare! $75
  SA-497  Scarce Massachusetts Expert Rifleman badge with 3 bars. $55
  SA-385   73RD Artillery Collar Insignia. $25
  SA-384   Band Hat insignia. $25
SA-383  Spanish American War mess kit. $80
SA-331a   1906 New York Non Commissioned Officers Guide. $40
  SA-330a  1909 New York Military Regulations. $35
  SA-329a   1909 New York book of Military Law. $35
  SA-300  Original 1930s Navy Expeditionary Medal Ribbon, old stock. $15 for a 1 foot length.
  SA-299 Original 1920-30s China Campaign Medal Ribbon, old stock. $15 for a 6 inch length.
SA-297  Spanish American War Period machete scabbard. $40
  SA-277  Spanish American War-1902 period Musicians hat insignia. $25
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