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 Vietnam Equipment
https://cdn.theatlantic.com/assets/media/img/photo/2015/03/the-vietnam-war-part-i-early-years/v40_AP670414064/main_900.jpg?1427910503 VE-916   Vietnam War, US Marine Corps Flame Thrower Cover. We just discovered a small group of these and will offer them at a lower than normal price. Limited Time. $25 each. or 2 for $40
VE-915   Claymore Mine Bag. $30
VE-914     Very SCARCE AN URC-11  Hand Held Survival Radio. Choice Condition, as carried by Combat Pilots in Vietnam.  $95
VE-913   Vietnam Helmet Receiver. This unit has been rebuilt at some time in the 70s. These are very scarce to find in good condition. $120
VE-912  Vietnam Jungle Boots. Well used and worn. $70


VE-911  1962 dated Rigger Modified Holster with Nylon Web Straps. Lower snap is disconnected.  $65
VE-910  Vietnam Jungle Rucksack. Excellent condition overall. $285   $SOLD$
VE-909   Vietnam Period LAW Rock Launcher. These were a one time use weapon, and were discarded after firing. Good condition overall. Post War dated but otherwise indistinguishable from the late 60s-early 70s ones. $295
    VE-908   Rare nylon carry bag for  the Catholic Chaplains Communion Set. Bag only, excellent condition. $175
VE-907    Vietnam Helmet Radio rig with external speaker as well as earpiece. Scarce. $125
VE-906  Vietnam rubber, Airman's Survival Map for South Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. Approx. 56 x 40 inches. 1966 edition. $50ON HOLD
VE-905  1967 dated Vietnam Belt Medical Kit with contents. Excellent condition. $40 ON HOLD
VE-904  Vietnam Headset, still sealed in its original box. $50
VE-902   Nice set of well used Vietnam period combat boots. Great look. $90
VE-901 Mint unissued Vietnam Jungle Boots, size 9. $120ON HOLD



VE-899  Vietnam period Red Cross flag, approx 20 x 30 inches. $45
VE-898  Advisor period helmet color in OD green. $55
VE-897   Vietnam Bars of Soap, New Old Stock. 2 bars available. $20 each.
VE-896  Vietnam Period License Plate for Vehicles. $45
VE-895  1968 dated Vietnam Body Armor Vest. Excellent condition showing just modest use. $135 $SOLD$
VE-894   1968 dated Vietnam Body Armor Vest. Excellent condition showing just modest use. $135ON HOLD
VE-893   1970 dated Vietnam Body Armor Vest. Excellent condition showing just modest use. One stain to reverse as shown. $135
VE-892  Vietnam Shot shell Pouch. Very scarce. $140ON HOLD
VE-891  1968 dated Body Armor Vest. Very good condition overall. $125
VE-889  Exceptionally rare PBR Hull decal for River Patrol units in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. I believe these were introduced in 1970 and quickly discontinued due to their creating an unwanted color target on the side of the hull. I have only seen a few shots of these in use and have only seen one other surviving example which I obtained from a River Division Veteran. Mine had been glued inside of a photo album. This one is mint unused on the original backing. Approx. 9 inches across. $350ON HOLD
    VE-887   Aviators O2 Mask for Parts. Missing Some items. $25
VE-884  New Old Stock Radio Antenna for the Helmet Radio Receiver in the original tube. $25
VE-883  Vietnam Chap Stick as included in Vietnam Survival and First Aid Kits. $20
VE-880  1968 dated Canteen and cover. $45ON HOLD
VE-879  Vietnam cotton cover with nylon binding strips. $45
VE-877  Vietnam period camo garment bag in cotton. $45
VE-876  Vietnam weapons sling in nylon. $25
VE-874  Vietnam weapons sling in canvas. $25
VE-873  Vietnam mosquito head net. $25
  VE-872  Vietnam Boxers with "Kill" written across the back. $20ON HOLD
VE-867    19667 dated Poncho Liner in choice condition. $75ON HOLD
VE-866  1970 dated Poncho Liner in choice condition. $55 ON HOLD
VE-865  Vietnam combat harness. Pistol belt, suspenders, butt pack, 1st aid carrier and bandage and canteen set.  $65
VE-864  Vietnam period headphones. $25
  VE-855  Vietnam Survival Whistle. $30
VE-853   Early War vertical ribbed pistol belt. $35
VE-852  Early War vertical ribbed pistol belt. $35
VE-851  Vertical Pistol Belt with Davis buckle scarce. $35
VE-850  Vietnam Pilot Dye Marker for survival vest. $25ON HOLD
VE-849  1966 Mess Set with cutlery. $40ON HOLD
VE-847  Early war cotton cover with nylon trim canteen set with bottle and cup. $40
VE-845    Early M-14 Ammo Pouches. Scarce. $40 pr
VE-844  Vietnam Fighter Pilot junction for oxygen lines. $25 each
VE-843  1966 shovel cover. $20
VE-839  1975 dated Vietnam Compass. $55ON HOLD
  VE-837   Early War Horizontal weave pistol belt, mint. $40
VE-836   Early War Horizontal weave pistol belt, mint. $40ON HOLD
VE-834   Early M-14 Ammo Pouches with eyelet closure straps. Scarce. $60 pr
VE-833  Vietnam Survival Radio, no battery pack, missing some screws from hand strap. $45
VE-832   Early War Canteen and Cover. Choice condition. 1962 date. $55ON HOLD
VE-831  Early War Canteen and Cover. Choice condition. $55
VE-829  Vietnam OD towel. $35
VE-825  Vietnam Camo Face Paint. $25
VE-824  Vietnam Winston Cigarettes from Rations. $25ON HOLD
VE-822  1966 dated Jungle Boots, Size 9. Excellent condition. $125
VE-818  Vietnam issue boxer shorts with "Kill" written on the back of them. $20
VE-817   WWII Tan Issue Shirt still sealed in the original bag. $35
VE-813   PRC-6 Radio, developed during Korea but used throughout the Vietnam War and as late as 1972 by the US Marine Corps. Excellent condition. $110
   VE-812  Mint un-issued 1968 dated Vietnam Jungle Boots, size 12, un-issued with instruction booklet. $110
VE-811  Vietnam period Army Flashlight. $30ON HOLD
VE-810   Scarce Vietnam Medical Kit. $130ON HOLD
VE-804  Vietnam period Transportation Flag, mint unissued in original bag. $45
VE-803  Vietnam 1ST Division PX purchased plaque, mint condition. $55
VE-802  Rare Vietnam War Air Crew Survival Kit for the Vest. $240ON HOLD
VE-796  M-79 Grenade Launcher Stock. New in the original bag. 1973 contract. $55
VE-795   Vietnam period Dog Tags, chain and rubber silencers. $40ON HOLD
VE-794  1970 Contract date M69 Flak Jacket with Natick Labs booklet to be filled in for testing purposes. $135
VE-792  Vietnam Jungle Boots. Exc Condition, size 10. Early 1967 dated set.  $75ON HOLD
VE-791  Choice 1967 Leather Combat Boots as favored By Helicopter Crews. Choice size 10. $95
VE-790  Choice Wartime dated Nylon Suspenders. Mint unused condition.  $40

VE-788    Cache of Vietnam Bug Repellent, in the original 1966 dated shipping case.  $35 per bottle



VE-784  PRC-6 Radio, developed during Korea but used throughout the Vietnam War and as late as 1972 by the US Marine Corps. Excellent condition. $130
VE-782   Fantastic Vietnam Anti War Necklace with "Peace" slogan. Fob is 1.8 inches across. (Only 1 avail). $55
VE-778  Vietnam Aviators Survival Kit. Part II of  a 2 part set. Condition good, but taped edge failing. $45
VE-777    Vietnam Medics Kit, marked on the exterior. Loaded with early 70s period items. $265
VE-775    Vietnam OD Green towel. $35
VE-771   1961 Dated early Vietnam War Survival Pack, pad for Parachute. This would include various survival items and rations. $55
VE-770  1974 dated shovel and nylon shovel cover. Lightweight version as used by Special Forces. $70



  VE-768  Vietnam wartime dated "Butt Packs" $40 each 
VE-767 1962 dated M-14 pouches. $40
VE-764   Vietnam Issue C-Rat Spoons. Great for helmet displays. $8







VE-763  Vietnam rig to Carry the Butt Pack without a pack assembly. $25
VE-762  Nice set of US Marine Corps Clip Pouches. $80
VE-760   US Army Suspenders. Per pair $20
VE-759   Early Vietnam War used B-5 Mae West Aviators Life Vest. Excellent Condition. $75
VE-758  Vietnam Camo Face Paint. $25
VE-755  Vietnam Aviation headset and cord with switch. $65
VE-749   Manual made to go with th eF-84 Jet. $20
VE-748   Vietnam water bladder/canteen- 5 Quart. $40
VE-744  Claymore Mine Bag with torn label. $35
VE-743.  Nice 1969 dated Vietnam Sleep Shirt as used by Special Forces and others. $45 ON HOLD
VE-741  Vietnam Artillery Fuse Setting Tool and case. $90
VE-735  Vietnam Medics Bag with full contents including Diagnostic tags, bandages, pins, tourniquets, and the like. $295ON HOLD
VE-731   1967 dated Air Mattress. These are not only used for sleeping but to float equipment through streams and swamps. $45
VE-724  Vietnam M-79 Grenade Bandolier. $30
VE-721  1966 dated Bug Powder as carried by Soldiers in the field. $20
VE-720   1969 2 quart canteen. MINT condition. $60
VE-719   Vietnam Wartime M-60 bandolier for 100 round belt. 1970 date. $25
VE-717   Very scarce manufacturers delivery bag for the M-16 Rifle dated 1966, with paper desiccant paper to absorb moisture. $20
VE-716    1967 dated Survival Kit water bottles as used in the Tropical Helicopter Survival Kits carried on board all Hueys in Vietnam. $10 per can or 3 for $25. These cans are full. We can punch a hole in the bottom and drain them if you wish.
  VE-715  Complete Vietnam issue C-Ration set. Our Choice. Some edge stains. Our Choice $40$SOLD OUT






VE-699   Dated Vietnam War Canteen and Cover. Excellent condition. $35
VE-698   Dated Vietnam War Canteen and Cover. Excellent condition. $35
VE-697   Transitional Vietnam War Canteen and Cover. Cover is canvas trimmed in Nylon. $45
VE-696    Vietnam dated Vietnam 2 Quart canteens/ flotation bladders. Excellent condition. $35 each
  VE-691   Vietnam Mae West Dye Marker. $20
VE-689     Vietnam War Period Carry Strap for numerous bags. $20
VE-687  1969 Light Weight Nylon shovel cover. $45
  VE-685 Vietnam Compass/ accessory pouches. Our choice $15.
VE-684   Vietnam War Spotting Scope with carry case and tripod. $220$SOLD$
VE-674   Vietnam Anti Gas Ointment. $20
  VE-671    Vietnam Foot Powder. $25
VE-665   Vietnam  Boxed lock and keys. $40
VE-664   Vietnam vertical ribbed Pistol Belt. $25 each
VE-662  US Marine Corps Ammo Pouches. $55
VE-661  Mint unissued USMC 1968 dated suspenders. $30 per set
  VE-653 Vietnam M-79 Bandoliers, early style- 2 available. $30 each
  VE-652   Vietnam Wartime M-60 bandolier for 100 round belt. $35
VE-650    Vietnam Sailors Life Preserver, dated 1963 with belt harness and carry case. $35
VE-630   Vietnam period pack board shelves as used by the USMC overseas. $20 each









  VE-625  Scarce 1964 dated 5 quart canteen/ flotation bag. $30
  VE-624   1970 dated mosquito bar (barrier) for use with a cot or hammock. Tough to find. $50
VE-622   Vietnam Government text with diagrams for all US Navy ships under 100 feet in length. $45




  VE-616   Peanut Butter from C-Ration. $7







  VE-615  B-1A Unit from a Vietnam C-Ration. $10






  VE-614  B-3/B-3A Unit from a Vietnam C-Ration. $10







  VE-613   B-2 Unit from a Vietnam C-Ration. $10






  VE-612   Pound Cake!! Soldiers in Vietnam would fight over these. Best item on the whole menu. $10 our choice.






VE-596  1967 dated black leather combat boots as favored by helicopter crews. Well worn. $75
VE-585  Vietnam bipod and accessory bag with bipod, cleaning rod and empty bore cleaner bottle. Very clean. $45  ON HOLD
  VE-555    1973 dated US Army bandolier. $20
VE-543  Vietnam Pilots Navigation tools and calculator. $30
VE-542    Vietnam Claymore Bag with donut style snaps. No instruction sheet. $20
VE-537  Interesting Vietnam Range finder. $65
VE-450  Early 1960s carbine pouch. Scarce. $25
  VE-401  Survival Kit Soap. $15
  VE-395 Survival Kit Water Carrier. $20
  VE-394  Survival Kit bag. $15
VE-318  1968 dated map of Southeast Asia published by National Geographic. $35
VE-284    Vietnam period tape. $15
  VE-281   Vietnam period Foot Powder. $15
  VE-264  Dye Package for downed Aviators. $30
VE-258  Single USMC Carbine Clip Pouch. $35
VE-150  Early Vietnam Carbine clip pouch. $15 each
VE-229a  1970 dated plastic bags for the M-16 clip pouch. These kept the clips dry in a wet tropical environment. When ready to use it is torn away and thrown on the ground and acts as a "Chu Hoi" leaflet trying to get VC and NVA to surrender. $5 each
  VE-208b   M-17 Gas Mask Bags. $20 each 
  VE-183a Vietnam Sunburn Cream. $15 ON HOLD
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