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 Vietnam Uniforms
VU-687    Choice matched set of "Late War, Light Weight Spare" pattern Tiger Stripe Shirt and Trousers. About mint condition. $595  ON HOLD
VU-686   MACV Jungle Jacket with direct embroidered name and Army tapes with tapes sewn on to cover them.  Tapes were regulation. $80
VU-685  Ripstop Trousers, Very good condition. $40
VU-684   Very nice Special Forces Shirt with Warrant Officer Insignia and Senior Paratrooper qualification badge. $155 $SOLD$
VU-683  Nice second pattern poplin Jungle Jacket with shoulder straps and take up tabs on the waist. Good shape overall. $110$SOLD$
VU-682  L-2B Flight Jacket with sage green interior. Size large. Cuffs have some fraying, good condition overall. $150
VU-681  1967 dated Ripstop Trousers in excellent condition. Size Large Long. $80
VU-680  Size Medium Regular 1970 dated ERDL Trousers. Good condition overall. $60
VU-679  Very nice Beo Gam camo shirt, so called "Foot Pattern", 2 upper pockets. Very nice overall, except for some white marks as shown. $230
VU-678    Rare Poplin Red Cross Workers Shirt with In Country name and "Red Cross" tapes. $195
    VU-677   Vietnam Advisor Duck Hunter Pattern Camo with 13 Star buttons. Stain to upper pocket, otherwise good condition. $120
      VU-676    Very nice Tiger Stripe Shirt in Late War, Light Weight, Sparse Pattern. Shows no use or  wear. $295
        VU-672   Early Poplin ERDL Camo Top is excellent condition overall. This jacket has had the lower pockets removed during the War to accommodate ammo and pistol belts. This is frequently seen with Special Forces, Rangers and SEALS. $250
VU-670     Very clean "John Wayne, Dense Pattern" Tiger Stripe shirt with In Country made name tapes. Very clean showing just light use.  $395
VU-668    Very RARE "Beo Gam" set of Camo Shirt and Trousers with Asian Medium size tag in the shirt and illegible tag in trousers. Perfect matched set.  Best set of Beo Gams we have ever had. Japanese contract. $655
VU-667   Very nice South Vietnamese pattern camo jacket. Choice condition. $310
      VU-666  San Marco Pattern Italian Camo shirt, 1960s as used by some Advisors in Vietnam. $175
VU-662  "Late War, Light Weight, Dense" Pattern Tiger Stripe Trousers  $225
VU-661    3RD Pattern Poplin Trousers, Size Large Regular. Great condition overall. $90
VU-660   3RD Pattern Poplin Trousers, Size Large- Short. Great condition overall. $90
VU-659  Fantastic Senior NCO's ,MACV, Advisors grouping. Fantastic Exposed Button Jungle Jacket with early black and gold, "US Army" tape and white and black named tape. Includes his Medal Certificates for the Bronze Star, Air Medal, Commendation Medal, and the South Vietnamese Civil Action Award. He was an Senior NCO in Intelligence. Included are some intelligence briefs on 4 Corps, The Mekong Delta, as well as newsletters, paperwork, photos of a South Vietnamese Ranger Joint Op with Americans. There are 3 captured Viet Cong Flags. One shows signs of combat damage, the other 2 show some poor storage. There are Newspapers from the Army in Vietnam including one with his notes about his involvement in the operation. There is  a captured Viet Cong captured Medical Bag with capture noting date and Officer who secured it. He was overseas between 1965 and 1966, just before the big US build up. Rare set. $795

      VU-651  Nice exposed button 101ST Airborne Jungle Jacket. No name tape and US Army tap may be replaced. $255
VU-649  Fantastic Helicopter Pilots Nomex Flight Shirt for a Lt. Colonel Wright. Direct embroidered rank and branch or service on collar and direct embroidered senior pilot wings name and "US Army". Excellent condition overall. Needs to be researched. Never on the market! $185
VU-548  Great Vietnam Shirt with "In Country" tapes. Great counter culture use with "The Pipe", nickname. One rank patch removed. $195
VU-647   Vietnam Air Force Shirt with ERDL theater made tapes and rank. Name strip also has Thai translation. $110
VU-646  Vietnam Nomex Flight Trousers. $55


VU-645  1969 dated Vietnam Sleeping shirt as worn frequently by Special Forces and also Troops in the Highlands. $75


VU-644   Vietnam Poplin US Navy used Jungle Trousers with name strip above the back pocket. Some paint rub marks, otherwise nice. $75


VU-643    Nice 4TH Division fatigue shirt. Lacks name strip. $55









    VU-642   Nice private Purchase OG-107 shirt. PX purchased. Great "In Country" embroidered name and Navy tapes with great Seabee insignia. Never before on the market!!   $140
VU-641    Nice set of rip stop Jungle Trousers with direct embroidered name above rear pocket. This was very typical fro Brown Water Navy and Marines. $65
  VU-639   Scarce ERDL Early Pea Green Poplin Trousers in choice condition. $145







VU-638  Fantastic Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Shirt with In Country made pocket patch. Only flaw is the lack of the name strip, easily replaced if you want to. Otherwise a fantastic shirt. $245
  VU-637  Vietnam Advisors private purchase camo shirt. Commercially made in the US. Some holes. $120







  VU-635  Air Force Shirt with Donald Duck Squadron patch. Nice condition. $85
VU-634  ERDL Shirt. Good Condition overall. $55
      VU-633  US Air Force Ripstop Jungle Jacket. $55
VU-632  Ripstop Jungle Jacket. $55
VU-631   Private Purchase Camo Advisors Trousers. $55
    VU-630   1963 exposed button Jungle Jacket for a member of the Judge Advocate Generals Dept. Basically a Military Lawyer. $165
    VU-553    Great Flight Suit/ Party Suit for a Marine Pilot in HML-367 flying AH-1G Cobra Gunships. Excellent condition with Cobra pocket patch. Never before on the market!!  $195
      VU-558   Vietnam Engineer Brigade Medical Officers Tunic. 3RD Pattern Poplin. Never before on the market!! $115
  VU-628    Private purchase Officers shirt with direct embroidered insignia, PX produced trousers and 1 issue shirt badged to the same Officer. Alfredson was an Africa American Officer in the 101ST Airborne. $110






VU-626   3RD Pattern Poplin Jungle Shirt- 82ND Airborne. Missing lower half od insignia, easily replaced. $80
VU-624  Vietnam "American Red Cross" work uniform, with insignia. $70




VU-621   ERDL Poplin Jungle Jacket with South Vietnamese Jump Wing. Only the one tag still remains. Overall excellent condition. $175
VU-619   Scarce huge size "Extra Large" rip stop trousers. $125
VU-618   1967 dated Poplin Jungle Shirt with theater made Engineer Brigade SSI. Shows actual use and wear. $75
VU-617  1968 Rip Stop Jungle Shirt with truncated sleeves. Good condition overall. $55
VU-616     1968 Rip Stop Jungle Shirt in excellent condition. $40
VU-615    1969 dated Rip Stop Air Force Shirt with truncated sleeves. Good condition overall. $55
VU-614  Private purchase "Duck Hunter" camo trousers as used by Advisors to the South Vietnamese. $75
  VU-608   Vietnam Air Force Jungle Shirt with truncated sleeves. $45
VU-607   CIDG Spot Pattern Camo Advisors shirt. About a size 38. Excellent condition, showing actual use and washing. $155




VU-606  Vietnam Advisors private purchase camo shirt. Commercially made in the US. $110




VU-605  1ST Logistics Force with cut off sleeves. $45
  VU-605   Vietnam shirt for US Army Vietnam. Very good condition. $90
      VU-604  Scarce set of Vietnam Exposed Button Trousers. One popped seam in crotch, easily repaired, cloth is not torn. Good condition overall. $240
VU-593  Clean US Air Force Shirt with truncated sleeves. $55
    VU-589  Vietnam Signal Corps shirt with "In Country" tapes and rank. On erank patch removed. $120
VU-587   77TH Division OG-107 Officers shirt. Well used, some tattering to cuff edges. $40
    VU-585  Vietnam Engineer Battalion Jungle Jacket with "In Country" made tapes. $95
    VU-582   Theater made custom Tiger Stripe Trousers. Never before on the market!! $145
      VU-581  Poplin Jungle Trousers, excellent condition. Never before on the market!!  $100
VU-580Nice Jungle Jacket with "In Country" made rank, US Army and name tapes. Never before on the market!!   $125
VU-575  Scarce 49TH Fighter Interceptor Squadron shirt with F-105 Novelty patch. Never before on the market!!  $135
  VU-573  Amazing Special Forces Jungle Jacket with South Vietnamese and US Jump Wings, CIB and name and Army tapes. Collector removed patch because it was just hanging by a few threads. One of the only REAL Airborne SF hand made patch sets we have seen. Never before on the market!!  James G. Kemnitz of Terre Haute, Indiana was a Captain at "Kham Duc" at Camp A-105 as Detachment Commanding Officer. $425
      VU-569  Nice 1ST Cavalry Jungle Jacket with name strip and Army tapes. Good condition overall. Never before on the market!!  $135
  VU-560    2ND Pattern Poplin Senior Pilots Jungle Shirt with "In Country" insignia. Great Pilots shirt. Never before on the market!!$190
    VU-555  Vietnam Tiger Trousers. Custom made with Talon zipper fly. Rust stain on rear of leg. Never before on the market!! $150
VU-554  HUGE!!!! Vietnam "PAC- Man" pattern advisor used trousers. Waist size is an amazing 44-46 inches and a 30 inch inseam. Rare opportunity to buy in  a "big man" size. Never before on the market!!  $190
    VU-552    Great Thai made Air Force Flight Suit/ Party Suit for a Women. Her wing badge has a heart as the central insignia and the rank is shown in hearts. Really a unique item!! Never before on the market!!$220
VU-533   Amazing Career Senior Enlisted Man's grouping. He entered the Airborne in 1948, became Ranger qualified and served in Combat as a Military Advisor in Korea and as an Advisor with MACV in Vietnam. This amazing grouping includes uniforms from Vietnam and the Post Vietnam period. Medals are all un-named as expected. Certificates shown with citations. The most interesting parts of the group comprise his time in Vietnam. Fantastic 21ST ARVN Infantry Advisors shirt with MACV Insignia. His 2 Bronze Stars, Cross of Gallantry, Air Medal and others awarded in Vietnam with certificates in MACV Presentation folders. There are parts of his DD-214 file along with certificates and diplomas for  a variety of training and activities. An amazing time capsule from an amazing Advisor. $995   $SOLD$
VU-538   Type 3 Poplin shirt in choice condition. $65



  VU-537   Vietnam Period fatigue shirt with great pocket patch. $90
  VU-536   Nice set of Advisor Private Purchase Duck Hunter Camo. Very good condition. $255
  VU-531   1969 dated US Air Force Officer/ Pilots Jungle Shirt. Exc condition overall. $75
      VU-529  1969 Brown Dominant ERDL Jungle Jacket in choice condition. $85
VU-526  Vietnam flight coveralls. Nice condition. $70
  VU-524   1ST Aviation Brigade Air Crew Jacket with embroidered wings. 1st Aviation Brigade on both shoulders. $70







VU-523  USMC Shirt with pin on rank insignia for an Ordinance Warrant Officer. $55




VU-518  Early rip stop Jungle Jacket with large style labels. Most likely 1968. $65
VU-517   Vietnam Nurses fatigue shirt. Very good used condition. $55
VU-510   Vietnam Sleeping shirt as popular with special Forces and units operating in the Highlands. $65



VU-507  US Army Advisors Shirt with rigger modified pockets and addition of sleeve pockets for cigarettes and pens. These were worn in the early 1960s. $95



VU-491  ERDL Rip Stop Brown Dominant shirt. Good used condition. $90




VU-483  1968 dated Jungle Jacket. Blue ink stain as shown. $40




VU-476 1964 dated raincoat, size 40 Regular, excellent condition. $40









VU-370a  1971 dated Large size Flight Jacket. Some snags to the cuffs otherwise very nice. $90



VU-361a   Type 2 Poplin Jungle Jacket in choice condition. Has never had insignia applied to it. Very clean. $110ON HOLD
  VU-311a   Vietnam Poplin PX shirt. These were purchased by Soldiers in the PX because they were lighter and cooler than the issue shirts. $45
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