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 WWII Headgear

    HH-1204  Early 1917 A-1 WWII Helmet which was the predecessor to the M-1 Helmet  and produced in 1941-2. Excellent condition. $240
  HH-1203  WWII Leather A-11 helmet with USN markings across the reverse. Nice that the communications are still present. One break to strap, which will need to be glued as shown. $175  $SOLD$
  HH-1202  WWII Swivel loop, front seam, M-1 helmet with liner. Liner was repainted and possibly the interior of the M-1 shell. $180
HH-1201  WWII Swivel Loop, front seam, M-1 Helmet with chin strap. Lacks liner. $145
  HH-1200   Huge Size 7 3/8 Bancroft Flighter Crusher Cap. A couple of tiny holes on the rear as shown. $155$SOLD$
HH-1199  WWII-1947 Women's Flight Cap. $60$SOLD$
HH-1198   Cadet Pilot's Visor Cap. Needs to be cleaned up a bit. $100
HH-1196   WWII Tanker Helmet with Headphones and hand held micro phone. $435 $SOLD$
HH-1195  WWII Fixed loop front seam helmet with liner. Good condition overall. $235
HH-1194  WWII Fixed Loop helmet with decorated liner, Missing hardware on one side, $235$SOLD$
HH-1193   Helmet painted to the "69TH" with the name of the Soldier on the front. Possibly 69TH Seabees. Some damage to liner straps. $85
HH-1192    WWII Fixed Loop Helmet and Liner. Has net, most likely collector added and new/ old stock replaced leather chin strap and sweatband. $250$SOLD$
HH-1191  WWII 29TH Division Helmet Liner with original late war decal on front. Most likely 1945-1946 just at the War's end. Liner strap has been detached as one triangle clip has broken off. $250
HH-1190    WWII Fixed Loop Helmet with original chin strap. Excellent condition overall. $240
HH-1186  WWII Fixed Loop, front seam, helmet. Excellent condition. $275
HH-1185  WWII front seam M-1 Helmet with red painted Naval Commander's insignia over blue/ gray painted body. Rare helmet. $375
HH-1184  Choice WWII cap with snaps to side for oxygen mask. Theater made 10TH Air Force patch. $250
HH-1183  WWII Naval Nurse Officers Cap with sterling badge. Scarce cap in excellent condition. $175
  HH-1180  WWII fatigue cap with 9TH Air Force SSI and discs. These have been on here since the War! $135
HH-1178  Well used WWII HBT fatigue cap. Nice condition. $80
HH-1177  Unidentified WWII Navy Gray stenciled helmet. Can't tell you what this one stands for . Fixed loop, front seam. Ex Bill Rizzutti Collection. $295



HH-1171  Fantastic helmet brought home by a WWII 32ND division Officer who transferred to 1ST Cavalry. Helmet is painted on the interior with a diary like inscription covering its use in 1945-46. Helmet shows use and wear with a great gold majors cluster on the front.  $420
    HH-1167  WWII Front seam swivel loop helmet with khaki liner. Choice condition accept for one of the riveted liner straps with has popped off. $150
  HH-1165   Very rare Navy Corpsman's Helmet with odd red and white liner. Great for a Normandy display!! One chin strap section has detached. $625
HH-1162   WWII front seam swivel loop helmet with battleship gray letter T painted on the front. Probably a WWII Navy used helmet. Choice condition. $145
HH-1159  VERY Rare  allied Air Force painted liner, CA 1946-48, with fixed loop helmet. Very good condition overall. $415
HH-1156   WWII M-1, front seam, swivel loop helmet with CA. 1946-47 gloss parade finish. Unknown Armored Corps painted insignia. Missing about 1/3 of the stainless steel band. $225
HH-1154  WWII enlisted man's overseas cap with German made DI. $50
HH-1150 WWII M-1 Fixed loop helmet with liner. Unit designation painted on the interior of the helmet. Exterior of the liner has been repainted in the 50s. $250
HH-1149   Choice WWII Naval Officers Sun Helmet. $85
HH-1145   Hood Low Pressure Liner which was interestingly issued out and then turned into a safety helmet or toy. $90
HH-1137  WWII M-1 Helmet Liner. Khaki Straps, one break as shown. $65
HH-1134   WWII Helmet net. 2" size squares. $90
HH-1133  WWII Helmet net. Soft 1/2"  size squares. $90
H-1132   Very unusual WWII US Navy or Marine Corps unit painted helmet, "RCG", Regimental Combat Group or possibly Radar Controlled Gun #25?? I am not sure on this one. It is late 1944-45 as it has a rear seam, but definitely a classic WWII marking. If I knew exactly what it was it would be twice the price. $365  $SOLD$
HH-1131  WWII Sun Helmet with early style chinstrap. Very nice condition, as used by all branches. $65
HH-1130    1944 dated Sun Helmet. Good condition overall. $55
HH-1129   WWII enlisted Glider Signal Corps overseas cap. $150
HH-1119   Large size Cleveland true crusher in a fantastic Size 7 1/4. Rates about a 7 out of 10 except for  a couple of tiny moth bites and one larger one next to the badge. $135
    HH-1115  WWII Fixed Loop, front seam, Navy Captains M-1 Helmet. Great salty look!. $350







HH-1110   Very scarce WWII Rear Seam, swivel loop US Navy battleship gray with "XO" for the Executive Officer of the ship. One strap missing. $150
HH-1107  Very rare WWII Navy Radioman/ Electrician painted helmet with painted helmet and liner as well as an engraved and painted insignia with initials for the owner of the unit. $575
HH-1103  Very nice WWII Officers Visor cap. Almost choice, 2 tiny pin holes. $100



HH-1102  WWII Fixed Loop Helmet with helmet cover. Excellent condition overall. $275  $SOLD$
HH-1097   WWII M-1 Helmet Rear Seam, late war swivel loop helmet. $180 
HH-1095   WWII OD fatigue cap. $40
HH-1088   WWII Overseas Cap with Amphibious Engineers patch. Piping is very faded.  $60
HH-1087  Nice WWII Officer Fur Felt visor cap. Small tear to sweat shield as seen, otherwise very nice. $125
  HH-1083  WWII Swivel Loop helmet, possible Navy or Marine Corps usage with liner and chinstrap. Needs some additional research. $295
HH-1082  Extremely rare WWII Helmet painted for a Civilian Employee stationed overseas. White band with triangle front and painted silver top. No liner. $395
HH-1079   WWII US Marine Corps HBT cap with interesting use of EGA. One worn on each side. Possible evidence of rank on the front at one time. $175
HH-1074 WWII M-1 Helmet Liner, Named on front, crack to reverse. $50$SOLD$
HH-1073  WWII Naval Officers Sun Helmet. Excellent condition. $85
HH-1071  WWII tan true Crusher cap. Cover is loose on the frame and should be tacked down.. $140
HH-1061  Early WWII Camo Helmet with full liner and strap. McCord batch marking. Most likely produced in 1941. Excellent condition. We have only seen a couple of others like this. $395
HH-1059   Nice WWII Officer's Visor cap. Size 7 1/4. $130
HH-1045  Choice US Marine Officers Visor Cap with H and H marked cap device. $175
HH-1032   WWII Army Sun Helmet with inscription. One crack in sweatband. $75
HH-1028  WWII Field Cap, dated 1945. $60
HH-1023  WWII Fur Felt Officers Visor cap. Excellent condition overall. Sweatband is coming a little loose in the rear. $120
HH-1011  WWII Swivel loop Nurses Helmet. Helmet was first owned by a soldier and then picked up by  Nurse Captain. Nicely IDed to both. $395





HH-999  Choice late War Officers visor cap. About a 9.5 out of 10. Almost perfect. $155
HH-998  WWII HBT Army Fatigue cap. $80
HH-989  Very rare English made Officers Visor cap with very rare tag. $265
HH-967  WWII Army Field Hood. Choice condition. $40
HH-960  Late WWII Rear seam, swivel loop helmet. Very clean condition. $200
HH-940   WWII enlisted wool Visor cap. $75$SOLD$
HH-929  WWII Forest Green cold weather cap with forest green wool lining, 1940 dated. $45
  HH-926  WWII Tan US Marine Corps Officers forest green cover. $20
HH-925   WWII Tan US Marine Corps Officers tan cover. $20
HH-920  WWII  Army Officers visor cap. Loose sweatband. $65
HH-907    WWII US Navy Fixed loop helmet for a Navy Ordinance unit. $250
  "HH-734   WWII USMC Green US Marine Officers visor cap cover. $35
HH-727  Enlisted Engineer Garrison cap. $20
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