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 WWII German, Japanese and Commonwealth Militaria
GG-651    WWII Polish Army in exile Sergeant's uniform. This Soldier was in the 1ST Armored Regiment of the 1ST Armored Division. Great shoulder straps with bullion tape and Polish shoulder patches in bullion. Ribbon bars representing the Polish "Cross of Merit", the 1939-45 Star, the France and Germany Star, The Defense Medal and the War Medal. Good condition overall with just  a few tiny moth nips. $595$SOLD$
GG-650  WWII German Flare Gun case. These have always been tough to find especially so well marked. Not one of those typical ones seen on eBay with Israeli markings. This one is 100% captured German. Has  a little tape residue which can be removed if you wish. $245
GG-649    Rare New Old Stock Japanese Back Pack. Still tie from the factory. $220
GG-648  WWII Japanese Raincoat. Nice salty battlefield pick up. $125



  GG-647  Scarce WWII Japanese Naval Landing Force tunic in mint condition. $230
GG-646   WWII German Gas Mask Can with straps  and extra lenses. $125
GG-645   Battle worn and scarred Model 1936 German Combat Tunic. Has field repairs and damage. Definitely an end of War item. Large section on reverse has been repaired at a rest area by a Company Tailor. There are numerous rips and tears with old repairs. Insignia is all real but has been resewn. Great inexpensive combat tunic. You won't feel bad about loading this one up with equipment. $675$SOLD$
GG-643  WWII Japanese Combat Helmet with full liner and chinstrap. Documented from the Sailor who brought it home after WWII. Paint loss to the top of helmet. It looks like the attempt was made to produce  afield camo by removing paint and applying a green stripe also well worn and period done. Very unusual. $595$SOLD$
    GG-641   Pair of two M-31 German Ammo Pouches. Excellent condition overall. $95
GG-640   Very scarce WWII German Mine Flag carry case with flags. Tough item to find. $185
GG-638  WWII German Bayonet, scabbard and frog. 1941 date. Scabbard paint is a little on the crusty side, blade in nice. $120
  GG-637  Luftwafe breast eagle in choice condition. $60
  GG-636   Very nice German Army bevo breast eagle, choice. $90
  GG-635  Very nice WWII German Panzer breast eagle, choice condition. Vet bringback. $90
  GG-634  WWII Panzer Skull from a collar tab. Very nice. $95
  GG-633  WWII German Luftwafe Officers collar tabs in bullion. $155
GG-632  Nice aluminum German Army Buckle. $80
    GG-629   WWII Japanese Navy Summer Weight Flight Suit in choice condition. $695
GG-625   Rare WWII "Tan/Water Pattern" reversible camo Winter Trousers also known as "Swamp/ Marsh" pattern. These came out in 1943-44 and replaced the Splinter Pattern. The snow side shows some use and soiling indicating possible capture during the Battle of the Bulge. Rare trousers rating average on the camo side with a variety of depot repairs and very good on the white side. Cuffs showing wear through on the bound edge. $345
GG-624  Japanese Officers private purchase canteen with harness. Shows the effects of being actually heated over a fire for tea. Much smaller than a traditional enlisted canteen, these were also used for Saki. $110
GG-621   WWII German podium banner. Approx 30 X 40 inches, single sided. $210   $SOLD$
GG-619    WWII German aluminum Belt Buckle with leather tab. $125

GG-617   WWII Luftwaffe Buckle with leather tab. $100

GG-616   WWII German Belt Buckle with leather tab. $75
GG-614  Scarce WWII German Engineer Troops Demolitions Haversack. $125



GG-613   Rare WWII Gas Mask with provision for microphone to be inserted and used while gas mask is worn. $225
GG-611  Scarce WWII Artillery Pack, meant to be worn with an A Frame. Choice condition. $150
GG-608     WWII German Magazine of German Military War Activities, very popular in the period. $30
GG-607     WWII German Magazine of German Military War Activities, very popular in the period. $30
GG-606     WWII German Magazine of German Military War Activities, very popular in the period. $30
GG-604  WWII Jap Helmet Liner Pad. $35
GG-597   1943 dated German Ammo Pouch. Choice condition except for 2 splits to tab ends at post. Almost un-noticeable. $70
GG-595   Large 1937 dated German Sack Approx 48 inches long. $50
  GG-592  Very late War last ditch style helmet as given to men expecting an American invasion. They were also issued to some combat troops. Choice liner. $195
GG-588   WWII German Soldiers Backpack map. $40
GG-525  WWII German Sniper Scope ZF 41/1 in choice condition with both sun shade, front and rear. Condition of blued finish is about 98% and condition of the case is about 96%. This one would be tough to upgrade. Optics are a little dirty, otherwise I rate the condition of this set a 9 out or 10. Scarce set to find.  $995
GG-520   WWII Japanese Canteen and harness. Leather cross strap is broken, no stopper. $65 Price Reduced!
GG-584   Amazing Japanese folk art decorated aluminum helmet from a member of the 544TH Engineer and Boat Company, a unit active in the Pacific. This unit also participated in the occupation of Japan and utilized a cast aluminum Civil Defense helmet for the artwork. $295
GG-579  WWII Japanese Navy Issue Short Sleeved Shirt. About perfect. $125
GG-577   WWII Private Purchase Japanese Officers Shorts. $95
GG-568    WWII German large grain or supply sack. $45
GG-556   WWII French shirt as captured when France fell and issued to German Forces and used by Officers. $75
GG-551   WWII German Entrenching Shovel with property markings from the Omaha Beach Museum in France. This item was formerly in the Omaha Beach Museum in France, from the collection of Marcel Leveel. Marked "LM". Leveel collected the items for the museum in the 1960s and 70s within a 10-20 mile radius of the museum. This museum shut down about 1995. $145
GG-545  1943 German WWII Food Sack with some small repairs. $60
GG-542   Captured Japanese knapsack flag. Shows actual field use and wear. Approx 24 x 28. $70



  GG-524 Set of 5 German Tent pegs, assorted types and markings. $65
GG-486   Collection of WWII Air Raid Protection, unit insignia and buttons. $45
  GG-482  RAD Unit marked 1937 dated German Tornister. Nice label identifying the original owner and his unit. Pack has one break to rear stap which needs repair, missing one hook on bottom pack corner and one of the wide aluminum hooks. Other than that a nice item. $125
GG-475  WWII Guidon for the 52ND Light Aid Detachment of the A.I.F. in WWII serving in Syria and the Middle East.  Approx 18 inches in length. Some moth bites. $235
GG-473 WWII British canvas map case with wartime date stamp. $45
  GG-471  WWII British Goggles. Our choice $20 each









  GG-458  WWII Air Raid Service Ashtray. $25
PP-333   Post WWII ID Card. $10
GG-444   WWII Air Raid Civilian Gas Mask and bag. $75
  GG-443 (2) WWII Air Raid Manuals. $35
  GG-432  British Fire Guard Armband. $25
  GG-414  WWII Air Raid Warden badge in Sterling Silver. $25
  GG-413  WWII Air Raid Warden badge in Nickel. $25
PP-331   RARE air dropped propaganda leaflets intended to be dropped over German held positions to explain to them that the War is lost for them and that they can surrender and survive. Have several available. $50 each
GG-171a   WWII German Photo Album. Over 65 photos. Loads of WWII shots $125
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