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VH-462   Vietnam Black Beret with Naval Advisory Forces flash with enlisted "crow" for CPO. This was given as a gift to a fellow Sailor in 1968. We purchased it from him. $350
VH-461  Scarce River Patrol Forces Beret. Classic South Vietnamese Black Beret with plastic covered bullion TF-116 beret flash. $375  $SOLD$
VH-460  Vietnam War Armored Cavalry Boonie Hat with sewn ACR plastic covered patch. the Veteran glued the other 2 patches on. $130
VH-448   Incredibly RARE SOG beret for an enlisted man in Recon Team Crusader, also known as RT Crusader. RT Crusader was part of Command Control North and part of the 5TH Special Forces Group. This patch has never been reproduced!!  The version usually seen features a skull and snake. This is the earlier version of their insignia. Out of the same collection that the SOG patch we recently sold, as well as some of the plaques we currently have from SOG personnel. Large format Japanese made team patch is in choice condition with the slogan, "Kill a Commie for Christ.". The rarest SOG beret that has been on the open market in years. Operating out of Khe Sanh (Under control of CCN, Da Nang) - RT Crusader was a SPIKE RECON TEAM, US Special Forces Led, Nung Hill Tribesmen personnel, Recon Team charged with cross border clandestine sabotage activity north of the DMZ. $3595  ON HOLD
VH-459  Vietnam Helmet with 1968 dated Helmet cover. Inked in period ball point pen are inscriptions, "I Hate This Shit!", "Watertown, New York", "Oh How I Wanna Go Home", and "Gone To Hell" and his rank on the front. Very tough to find authentic examples like this one. $295 $SOLD$
VH-458   Vietnam Cowboy hat with Navy rank insignia. $115
VH-457   Camo Cowboy hat. Thailand scrolls. Camo is actually painted into the hat by hand. $95
VH-456  Vietnam Combat helmet with cover, band, spoon, water purification tablets, matches and toilet paper. $130  $SOLD$
VH-455  ERDL Boonie. 1969 dated. Mint condition. $40
VH-454  Vietnam Fighter Pilot's Helmet with O2 Mask with hose and original carry bag. Good condition overall. $275ON HOLD
  VH-453    Vietnamese made Bush hat excellent condition. $45
  VH-452  Vietnamese made Bush hat excellent condition. $45
  VH-451    Vietnamese made Bush hat excellent condition except for circular stain. $25
VH-450  Great Vietnam Combat Helicopter Pilot's helmet with banana boom microphone. $245
VH-449  Great field cap with insignia of the 30TH Engineer Brigade (Airborne). $80
VH-446  Issue fatigue cap with In Country direct embroidered name and dates. Etc. condition. $65
VH-445   PX procured fatigue cap with metal rank insignia. 6 vent hole top. $40
VH-444   Vietnamese made fatigue cap. Good condition overall. Desirable pattern with 6 vent holes on crown. $55
VH-443  RARE!! 1969 dated helmet cover with late Vietnam War Soldier graffiti. "United States Marine Corps, USMC, "You're Upside Down", "Toilets are great", Abuse with Care" and other funny inscriptions. Has been installed on a circa 1970-71 helmet. $295$SOLD$
VH-442    Rare Vietnam "H.A.L.O." Jump Helmet, used by Special Forces with an original photo of the Special Forces Operator who brought this one home. Appears that they must have not always worn the same one as the "30" is not visible on this one. $445
VH-441   Vietnamese made fatigue cap with South Vietnamese  Lieutenant rank. Great hat! $130
VH-440   Vietnamese made fatigue cap with Staff Sergeant insignia on front. $50
VH-439  Vietnamese made Bush hat excellent condition. $45
VH-438   Vietnam War yellow painted Helicopter Helmet with microphone and boom, shaded visor. $245
VH-436    Vietnamese made fatigue cap with embroidered Specialist rank on the front and name on the reverse. $60
VH-435  Korean War and Vietnam War Veteran Pilot's grouping including his Colonel's painted helmet with bag. 2 unit patches for units with which he was affiliated as well as ribbons and insignia. Blade has been bullet struck, and I believe it is from a "Loach" observation Aircraft. It looks like it suffered at least one bullet strike and the end cap possibly struck the ground. This Officer was a Prisoner of War in Korea and served in Vietnam as a Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel. $795
VH-434    In Country Made Bush Hat. Choice condition. $55
VH-433   In Country Bush Hat, possibly French Indochina. $50
VH-431  Vietnam Beo Gam Bush Hat. Shows lots of use and wear. Needs to be re-shaped. Sweatband has been partially removed. $75  ON HOLD
VH-428  Vietnamese Cowboy hat. Excellent condition. $75
    VH-425  Fantastic Vietnam painted 1968 M-1 Helmet and Liner. Really a great 60s style font in white across the front with "Short!". Great Soldier Art Helmet. Lacks chinstrap. $195
VH-423  Vietnam Bush Hat. Excellent condition overall. $75
VH-420   US Issue Mosquito repellent bush hat. $45
VH-416  Vietnam ERDL Cowboy Hat. Excellent condition overall. $75
VH-415   Vietnam Bush Hat. Excellent condition overall. $75
VH-416  Odd ERDL Camo Ball Style Cap. Water repellant top. $60
  VH-414  MINT Vietnam ERDL Boonie. $40
  VH-413  Interesting Thai made poplin Captains field cap. Captain's bars are directly embroidered. $50
  VH-411   1960s US Marine Corps Officers khaki visor cap. $45
VH-410    1960s US Marine Corps Officers Dress visor cap. $45
VH-405   Great Vietnamese made Cowboy hat with graffiti drawing of a grenade on the crown. $95
VH-404  US Navy issue fatigue cap. Looks about unworn. One small hole to reverse. Production is most likely 1965-66 based on DSA-00 marking. $45
VH-401   Vietnam spot camo helmet. Tired condition but a real camo. $100
    VH-400  Very unusual Ranger Advisor Cowboy hat with Thai Ranger badge on front. Extremely high quality, possibly Officers grade. $135





VH-393  Great Vietnamese made Cowboy hat with graffiti drawing. $70
VH-387    1968 dated ERDL Boonie Hat in the original contact dated package. MINT!!!  $35ea
VH-383   Private Purchase fatigue cap. $30
VH-380  Great French Indo China-Vietnam period Cowboy hat. Nice French label. needs to be reblocked to reshape. $95
VH-379  Very odd 1970s helmet with Special Forces Decal Applied to the front. I have not seen this done before, but this was found by a Flea Market picker in the 1980s and is correct to the period. $135
VH-377  Vietnam Bush Hat. Excellent condition overall. $75
VH-354   Vietnam Cowboy hat, Vietnamese made. Good condition overall with some staining from hard use. $55
  VH-351    Nice Vietnam Cowboy hat. Clean. $65
VH-315   Very interesting Vietnam "In Country" made fatigue cap with "puffy" visor and multi vent top. $55
VH-278   Vietnam Period Rebuilt WWII M-1 Helmet. Very common to find in the early 60s. $75
VH-258  1960s Government issue ball cap with rank. $35
    VH-111a   Vietnam Boonie cap with mosquito net (bag not included.  $40
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