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 WWI Other Countries
OC-1098  Model 1916 French Army Trench Knife. This one is in very good condition overall, with signs of honest use and trench wear. Good example. $295  $SOLD$
OC-1097   WWI British/ Canadian Gas Mask Bag for the small box respirator. Great for a trench display as this one shows lots of use and wear. Good thing about this one is that it is not named or inscribed so could be used with any display. Central divider in bag has been removed. Obviously there is no gas mask included. $140
OC-1096   Rare WWI British Gas Alarm rattle. You rarely see these as most were modified and re inspected during WWII, by the addition of  a large metal sounding board to increase the sound. You see them with Home protection, ARP materials. This is a pure WWI version. Good condition with the exception of the split shown on the striker. I have an  identical one in my collection from stenciled and decorated to a 27TH Division MG Unit. You can view that one on our Facebook page.  $235$SOLD$
OC-1095  Very scarce WWI Canadian Highlanders issue spats. I have had identical ones in groupings. Incredibly tough to find. $145
OC-1094  WWI French private purchase commercial Trench Knife. Nice design. $150
OC-1093  WWI French "Racket" Grenade. (INERT) Basically  a WWI Pipe Bomb. This one was a bunker find from the 1980s that was disassembled and cleaned out of all explosive, all wood parts were cleaned and dipped in paraffin to preserve and then reassembled. Very tough to find. $180 $SOLD$
OC-1092  WWI Battlefield pick up British Mills Bomb. (INERT)Complete with spoon, cotter pin and brass caps. $130ON HOLD
OC-1091   WWI Besozzi Grenade, used by the French and Italians and I believe were made under license in France. Good condition. scarce. $150
OC-1090  Model 1915 French "F1" Grenade (INERT). Bunker find which was disassembled and cleaned and reassembled. $150  ON HOLD
OC-1089  WWI French Citron Foug Grenade body (INERT). Very good condition overall. $90
OC-1088  Very scarce Model 1916 French Suffocant, (GAS), Grenade, (INERT). Bunker find which was disassembled and cleaned and reassembled. $190
OC-1087  Very scarce Model 1915 French Bertrand Suffocant, (GAS), Grenade, (INERT). Bunker find which was disassembled and cleaned and reassembled. $150
OC-1069   Very rare lower wing cockade for a SPAD VII Fighter. Brought home by an American Pilot in WWI in the bottom of his footlocker it was folded to fit. Good condition overall, but somewhat dry with some flaking. Very rare item. Approx. 5 feet by 5 feet. Great item. $4995
OC-1068    Fantastic SPAD XIII Camo Fabric for with the insignia of SPA 62. HUGE insignia, approximately 5 feet in length. During the War these squadron panels were just as popular then as they are now. Since there were only 2 on each aircraft, the Squadron artists would take other fabric from the crashed aircraft and stencil/ paint the full size insignia on the piece. These particular piece of fabric was painted on fabric cut from the upper wing of a SPAD XIII. The difference is price. Same artist, same aircraft. $12,000 for the one from the fuselage and $3995 from the upper wing, so don't miss this chance to get an affordable Squadron panel. $2995$SOLD$



OC-1067  Large section of WWI Royal Flying Corps Fabric from the upper wing of a 2 Seater Aircraft. Removed from a crash, this large section of fabric measures approx. 30 x 40 inches. Great piece of aviation history. $2195
OC-1086   Amazing helmet formerly the property of John Dennis Prosser of the 72ND, Seaforth Highlanders of Canada with full battle honors for the Canadian Army in WWI. An American Volunteer from Seattle, Washington he enlisted in the Canadian Army in 1917. Phenomenal helmet unlike any other Canadian helmet we have seen. $695  $SOLD$
OC-1086  Extremely rare 1ST Model French Helmet. These were worn under the Kepi and were supposed to provide some protection from falling debris. These were described by an American Volunteer in the French Foreign Legion as "Less than useless". This helmet has excavated on the Western Front over 20 years ago. Approx. 6 were nesting together. the outer ones on both ends were completely ruined. the center four were preserved and had holes their crowns patched with body filler. The thong is obviously not original and was replaced at the time. Extremely rare to find in any condition and missing from virtually all WWI collections. If an untouched original were to surface the price would exceed $2000. This one in restored condition  just.$395
OC-1085   Rare WWI Canadian 1915 Overcoat. Shoulder straps have been removed and cuffs may have been modified. Some have rolled cuffs and some appear to have been made without rolled cuffs. Has the tabs under pocket flaps to keep from sagging. War department stamped, plain buttons. Rare coat. $495
OC-1084    Early British Recruiting Poster mounted on linen. Ca. 1915, approx. 30 inches. $75 ON HOLD
OC-1083    Early British Recruiting Poster mounted on linen. Ca. 1915, approx. 30 inches. $60
OC-1082    Early British Recruiting Poster mounted on linen. Ca. 1915, approx. 30 inches. $60
OC-1081   44TH Overseas Battalion medal and photo grouping. Good condition overall. $130 $SOLD$
OC-1080  British private purchase small haversack with stenciled owners initials on the front flap. $65
OC-1079  Extremely RARE shipping crate for the WWI F-1 Offensive Grenade. These crates never survive as they were usually broken for fire wood. This one survived as it was used as a storage box. Even has the original lid!! Only one I have seen. Great for a trench exhibit. $345



OC-1078   Rare early WWI tarred pack with all straps intact and interior wood frame. The long strap that raps around the top that retains the mess kit. These are the packs in use in 1914 at the outbreak of War. Rare to find. $595ON HOLD
  OC-1077  WWI Staff Officers Highland, Doublet Cut, cotton tunic. Collar tabs are removable, ribbon bar is snap on. Very clean tunic for an Officer in the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders. They fought on the Western Front and in Salonika. $425
OC-1076   Very rare WWI British private purchase gray back shirt, with button on cooling pad on back,and custom shoulder straps to accommodate rank pips of shoulder titles. Never have seen another. Possibly Gallipoli or other hot weather area. $295 $SOLD$
OC-1075  Model 1892 French Engineer Officers white cotton uniform. Collar and shoulder insignia are held on with hooks and eyes. Dates to late 20s. $200
OC-1074  3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of Austrians ready for a fight. $35
OC-1073   3.5 x 5.25 inch photos of Greek Brothers. It appear they were in America prior to the War. $40
OC-1072  3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of Greek Officer. $40
OC-1071  3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of Russian Sailor. $30
OC-1070  3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of Russians wearing the Cross of St. George. $30
OC-1069  3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of Russian. $25
OC-1068  3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of Russian. $25
OC-1067  3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of Russian Cavalryman with sword. $30
WWI cloth package wrapper used to send candy to a member of the RAF in France. Great Officers accessory. $225
OC-1065  Very nice 18 x 24 inch poster commemorating the French Victory in WWI. Famous artist showing a stream of French Soldiers from earlier periods going through l'arc de triumph. Some corner tears as shown. $125  ON HOLD
OC-1064  WWI French cotton flag. Approx. 16 x 30. $65
OC-1063   WWI French cotton flag. Approx. 12 x 22. $45
OC-1062  Souvenir candy dish. 1914-1915. $45
OC-1061   Set of Horizon Blue Puttees. $85
OC-1060   Set of Horizon Blue Puttees. $85
OC-1053  WWI British Private purchase visor cap. Very good condition. $275
  OC-1052   WWI British Brodie Helmet with excellent liner and strap. wool pad and rubber donut, paper label. Very nice. $235$SOLD$
OC-1051   WWI Officers/ NCO Belt rig for pistol. Holster, belt and ammo pouch all in excellent condition. $285
OC-1049   1916 dated British bandolier. Choice condition. $120  $SOLD$
OC-1048    WWI 08 Pattern British Ammunition Pouch cluster for the wearers right side. The date is either 1915 or 1916. Very tough to find. $355
OC-1047  1916 dated Haversack/ Small Pack with shoulder strap. Choice. $95
OC-1046  WWI British Large Pack, inscribed to the Soldier who used it. $80
OC-1045   WWI British Soldiers Handbook/ Diary for British Men serving overseas. $55
OC-1044   WWI French Certificate commemorating the 1914-15 campaign. Unused. $45
OC-1036   Restored WWI French Cavalry Helmet with horsehair. Helmet has been disassembled, polished and reassembled. The liner and under visors have been replaced as it was actually used by a re- enactor of Cavalry. Bright and shiny but will dull with age. $575 $SOLD$
OC-1035  WWI French Horizon Blue Tunic. Collar tabs have been removed. Plain buttons. Liner has been removed for comfort. $335  $SOLD$
OC-1034  WWI British Officers Trench Periscope. Good optics. $295
OC-1033  Great Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Glengarry with tartan flash and badge. Includes a photo of the Veteran wearing the cap. This was obtained directly from the Veteran in the1970s.  $370 $SOLD$
OC-1032  Rare M-2 Gas Mask Can with Horizon Blue Cover. These were designed  to muffle the sound of metal can and eliminate reflections from it. This one has some mothing and damage as shown, but very rare. $275
OC-1031  WWI Artillery Overseas Cap with metal regimental numbers. $55
OC-1030  WWI French "Y" Straps. $95
OC-1029   WWI Musette Bag with shoulder strap. Some tiny machine stitch repairs. $65
OC-1028   WWI French Mess Kit with Cover and chain. Excellent condition. $70
OC-1027   WWI Adrian Helmet with blue wool liner ring and leather tongue liner. Appears unissued. Rare to find. $80
OC-1026  WWI French Grease can/ cleaning kit canister. $40
  OC-1025  Set of Horizon Blue Puttees. $85
OC-1024  Early WWI Ball Grenade. $145
OC-1023  Early 1916 "T-Pad" Gas Compress with integrated rain cover. Meyerwitz Glasses are in great condition. The Gas Mask set is contained in a very early thin style M-2 Gas Mask bag as the original belt worn bag was very inconvenient. Last photo is not included, but is just shown to illustrate usage.  $1350  $SOLD$
OC-1022  Extremely rare C-1 style Compress  large format early Gas Mask set with carry case. Includes Meyerwitz Goggles, one broken lens, and original cloth carry case which would affix to the outside of the uniform. Last photo is not included, but is just shown to illustrate usage.$1250  $SOLD$
OC-1020   WWI 08 Pattern British entrenching tool and canvas carrier. These are very hard to find. Appears to have a 1917 date on the interior of the case. Tool is maker marked. $295 $SOLD$
OC-1019  WWI 08 Pattern British Ammunition Pouch cluster for the wearers right side. The date is either 1915 or 1916. Very tough to find. $355
OC-1017  WWI British Waist Belt with suspender tabs which have usually been cut away. $90$SOLD$
OC-1016  Scarce WWI French Pocket Watch Holder in the form of a French canteen with chain and cup for watch fob. Inside is a 365 page calendar so the user would tear off a page each day. Excellent condition. $120
OC-1014   French issue Model 1914 WWI Horizon Blue enlisted mans trousers with reinforced knees, tapered at the bottom to be used with puttees. Choice condition. The colors are actually a very close match, but the flash makes them look much different. $325ON HOLD
OC-1013  Choice WWI French Overcoat with 1916 date. Single breasted with clear interior markings. Button cuffs. No slit up the rear skirt. $695$SOLD$

OC-1012    Extremely RARE!! 1915 early Gas Mask (Compress). Really not much more than padded gauze with added chemical. These offered little protection and were usually discarded. A rare survivor complete with his rubber gas goggles, his medal trio, shoulder insignia, photos, shoulder titles and research. It folds so small he could store it in his pocket in a large match box!! Unbelievable relic from the firsts months of gas warfare. Fresh from an older collection. Last photo is not included, but is just shown to illustrate usage. $1195
OC-1010  Rare WWI 4 pocket British Tunic with remains of paper label and broad arrow stamps. Some scattered mothing, named on the interior. $695   $SOLD$
OC-1006  WWI British Pilots Goggles. Excellent condition overall. $235  $SOLD$
OC-1002  Super rare WWI Canadian Officer small format cased Trench Periscope. Good optics. About 11 inches in length. $395
OC-1001   1918 dated Canadian Blouse. Choice condition with all original components and ink stamps. Late War green cotton lining tabs, which is correct for Canadian garments. $825
OC-1000  Rare 1914 dated French Overcoat with original cotton half lining and ink stamps. Very good condition overall. Collar tabs have been removed. Very rare 1ST Year of the War overcoat. $875$SOLD$
  OC-999  Rare Horizon Blue Officers Private purchase overcoat with rank and service stripes. $495
OC-997   Very clean French Horizon Blue Overcoat. Single breasted with rolled cuffs and button tail slit. Government racetrack and depot inspector marks are very light but still visible with a 1918 date stamp. Not the usual mothed up junk usually seen for sale. $795
OC-995  WWI British/ Canadian private purchase "Trench Cap" with wool brim. Made to be flexible so that it can be folded and placed in a pocket or pack with damage. Lacks chinstrap. $340
OC-994  Model 1905 Private Purchase Canadian enlisted mans cap. Good condition overall with some flaws. Badge is not original to the cap. $295
OC-993  Scarce Model 1915 British/ Canadian Overcoat. This coat was used for just a short time. It has shoulder straps, rear belt. off white wool lining behind the shoulder, extending down inside the sleeves. This one does not have rolled cuffs. Rolled cuffs filled with dirt and mud and were frequently removed by unit tailors. Coat is named and serial numbered, but is tough to make out. There is also a unit stencil which may read, "1ST R. N. D", but it is tough to make out. Canadian buttons are most likely replaced, but are correct period pieces with Kings Crown. $475
OC-992  WWI French Infantry enlisted mans tunic in excellent condition . Collar tabs are un-numbered. Unlined. $385
OC-987  1920-30s British Officers Dress Visor Cap. $75
OC-984   Very scarce 1916 dated British or Canadian Broad Arrow marked Sam Brown Officers Belt. $125
OC-983  Very rare WWI Graves Registration Service photo a Soldier in the BEF in Egypt in the original folder. $95
OC-981  Fantastic WWI Patriotic British/ Canadian Pennant showing a German trying to sell the Kaiser to a "Hock" or Pawn Shop. Fantastic amount of detail. In 35 years, I have never come across this style. $175
OC-980  Fantastic WWI Patriotic British/ Canadian Pennant showing British, French and Russian Soldier's chasing the Kaiser with slogan, "Let Em Have It". One tie has been pulled away. $145
OC-979  WWI British Small Pack. Has been "Blanco'd" which gives it the green tint, otherwise very nice. $75
    OC-976  Interesting WWI British Large Pack with modified rear straps, unusual to say the least. $75 
OC-975  WWI Collection of 43 Officer's cuff pips. Some sets. $245
  OC-974  3.5 x 5.25 Russian photo. $30  $SOLD$
  OC-973   3.5 x 5.25 Russian photo. $30
  OC-972   3.5 x 5.25 Russian photo. $30
OC-971   3.5 x 5.25 Russian photo. $30
OC-970  When I first picked this one up I assumed it was standard Canadian Engineers and did not notice the white bars behind the "CE". I believe this is from one of the Canadian Engineers Labor Battalions and is actually quite scarce. No liner or strap. $395
OC-965    Scarce WWI British 08 Narrow style equipment waist belt. $130
OC-963  1916 dated British Leather Bayonet Frog. $85
OC-962  Very nice WWI Wire Cutters. $100
OC-961  1915 Wire Cutters and Leather Carry Case. $150
OC-960  WWI Snake Belt and Buckle. Leather rear tabs have been cut away. $75
OC-958  Ultra rare detachable periscope for the French Lebel Trench Rifle/ Periscope. Excellent condition overall with just some cracks to one mirror. $995
OC-957  WWI British Brodie Helmet with sand finsih. Excellent condition overall. $225
OC-955   Very rare WWI Officers British Dress Uniform for s British Officer who was killed in action in July of 1915. Silk interior is a little tattered at the top. Included is a letter from a family member giving his identification. I did some quick research on this Officer. He was killed 5/22/15. He was in the 8TH Battalion, Manitoba Regiment and mentioned in dispatches. He evidently was in the Royal Engineers prior to WWI. Missing one shoulder paddle. $525  $SOLD$
OC-953  Scarce WWI heavy duty Sam Brown belt with extra reinforcement and holes for accessory items. Condition is about unused. $175
OC-952   Very nice Wartime WWI British Issue Binoculars and case, both dated and broad arrow marked. $175
OC-951  Almost mint WWI Canadian Pay Book with research. Pay book only has a few entries as it was issued right at the end of the War. $40
OC-948  Extremely rare WWI French Red Cross shoulder insignia in bullion and thread embroidery on horizon blue wool. $175
OC-947  WWI Royal Dolton Peace Mug. Very nice condition overall. About 3 inches in height. $55
  OC-946  WWI British, Canadian Sleeve Rate. $35
OC-945  Polish Legion button with red/white ribbon, with photo of him in horizon blue button. $45
OC-944  Very nice WWI British/ Canadian Observers Wing. Removed from a uniform, a little felt loss to felt border as shown. $275
OC-943 Very rare Spanish Dress Cap for the Port and Harbor Authority. $195





OC-942    Very nice WWI French Officers Kepi, polo style. Very nice condition. $325



  OC-940  WWI French Victory Medal $35
OC-936  Durham Light Infantry British Victory Medal. $30
OC-935   Very rare embroidered framed photo souvenir mat from the Legation in China. Excellent condition. Approx 18 x 18. $295
  OC-928   WWI Recruitment poster to recruit British and Canadian Soldiers living in America. Cardstock, approx 14 x 20 inches. Upper right corner needs restoration as shown. $130
OC-927   WWI British or French Flare Pistol. $195



OC-924   WWI Black Leather Double Breasted Flight Jacket as used by French Pilots. Finish is dry and crazed and shows lots of use and wear. Great tough accessory for your Lafayette Flying corps or French Aviation Display. $495
OC-926  Very rare inscribed, first year of production, 1916 dated, Small Box Respirator bag with fantastic Soldier Inscription. "Roses are red, Violets blue, the Huns use gas, so I use You." Missing one of the tiny square rings. Really a rare item. $295


OC-922  1917 dated British SBR Gas Mask Bag. Broad Arrow marked and dated. Named to the original Soldier on the front. The reverse has one small hole. $130
  OC-921   WWI French Folding Bucket. Appears to be unissued. $55  ON HOLD
OC-920  WWI British Waist Belt. this is not the typical wide belt, but a narrower more comfortable belt, which is seldom seen. Tough shape but rare. $50
OC-918  Ultra Rare Cigarette Case for a member of the RAF serving in Russia. Excellent condition. $235
  OC-917  WWI British Service and Overseas Stripe set. $35
OC-916  Great Commonwealth maker marked and dated Officers Sam Brown Belt. Excellent condition. $180
OC-912   WWI British/ Canadian cloth rifle sling, dated. Good used condition. $85
OC-910  Great Canadian Medical Officers Visor Cap with makers stamp on the sweatband. Some light mothing to the side as shown. $395
OC-909  Rare WWI Match Safe with enamel Formation sign used as a Christmas Gift for the Troops. $125
  OC-903  WWI British P08 pack shoulder strap. $40
OC-897  Very nice Trench Art Fighting Knife. 4 Sided blade with trench made wooden handle. $95
OC-896  1918 dated 08 Small Pack. Blanco'd. $55
OC-891   WWI French Pioneer portable saw and wood handles. $90
OC-889   Very nice WWI French Engineer Officers tunic and madder red trousers. Good condition overall with just  couple of tiny nips. $875
OC-888  WWI Canadian Diary and Dog tags. Entries covering training, sailing for England, more training and finally arriving in France and some small front line mention. He gets busy in the closing weeks of the War and does not do much writing. Nice example of a Canadian Soldiers Diary. $175
  OC-887  WWI French canvas packs with leather straps. Last name of the Soldier who carried it in large letters across the reverse. Depot marked. Very nice overall with intact shoulder straps. Just lacks one hook mounted to the bottom. $255




OC-885 Extremely RARE Model 1914 Enlisted Man's Mounted Troops or Cavalry Overcoat. This one was used by an NCO in the 25TH Field Artillery. Because of the use of horses a mounted overcoat makes sense. Single breasted 6 button front, 4 button back flap. full length pleat up the back. I cannot emphasize the condition of this coat. It looks to be UNWORN, MINT flawless perfect!!! Not one flaw. You will never see one of these in such mint condition. The stamps are crisp except for the date stamp which is a poor strike. Color is brilliant and vibrant. Simply the best! $1195 




OC-884  Very scarce French enlisted mans French Engineer enlisted mans horizon blue tunic. Excellent condition overall. You seldom see enlisted uniforms and most all are Infantry. Rare. $525




  OC-883   WWI French Horizon Blue wool mittens. Excellent condition overall. $85







OC-880   WWI Colonial Troops Khaki French Canteen. These were also frequently used by American Volunteer Ambulance Drivers. Shows use and soiling. $155
   OC-878   Very scarce WWI specialty rate for French Infantry on Horizon Blue for a Blacksmith. $40
    OC-877   Very scarce WWI specialty rate for French Infantry on Horizon Blue for an NCO of Telegraphy. $40
    OC-876  Very scarce WWI specialty rate for French Infantry on Horizon Blue for a Machine Gunner. $40
   OC-872   Very scarce WWI specialty rate for French Infantry on Horizon Blue for an NCO Pioneer. $45
    OC-871  Very scarce WWI beret flash for French Chasseur on Horizon Blue. $50
  OC-862  WWI French Shelter Half. Good condition overall, markings are no longer visible. $195
OC-861  WWI  402ND Infantry tabs. Great condition. $55 $SOLD$
OC-854  WWI French Map Case. Lacks shoulder strap, small size. One snap broken. $40
OC-850  WWI French Mess Kit. $70
OC-849  WWI British Officers small duffle bag. About  30 inches long. $75






OC-847   Battlefield Relic excavated on the Somme in the 1980s. French bottle discarded by an allied Soldier. $25
  OC-833    16 x 26 inch Belgian cotton flag. Good condition overall. $75
OC-821    77TH Overseas Battalion Unit Photo. Overall frame size is about 13 x 18. $155
OC-819  Very clean WWI British Brodie Helmet with full liner and strap. Very nice. $210
OC-816    WWI French made Private Purchase Officers Cutlery Set with carry case. Fork and Spoon are hallmarked, so I assume they are Sterling. Nice set!! $75
OC-808   WWI British Brodie Helmet with full  liner and chinstrap. Just lacks the wool crown pad. $195
    OC-798  WWI British Sporran for the British Lowland Division. Very good condition overall. $345
OC-797  Very scarce WWI British/ Canadian Officers Private Purchase Flashlight. $55
OC-789     WWI British Army Infantry Training manual. Choice condition. $40
OC-783  Very rare WWI Enlisted Mans Canadian/ British Cavalry/ Artillery/ Mounted Boots. Also used by drivers of trucks and motorcycles. Broad arrow marked and 1917 dated. Classic pebbled brown finish, missing laces and one top closure strap. $695
OC-781   WWI British Brodie Helmet in choice condition with stapled chinstrap rings. US Contract liner. $225


OC-776  Very rare British Army Alarm Bell. Used for fire warnings in England and for Gas warning in France. This bell is quite large and weighs about 4 pounds. Huge broad arrow marking. $175





OC-771  Scarce WWI British "Trained Soldier Armband" worn by enlistees who had prior Military Service. $75






OC-767   WWI French Horizon Blue overseas cap. Good condition overall. $65



OC-759  Scarce Pattern 1914 Waist Belt with snake buckle. 2 of the straps have been cut away, most likely because the wearer did not utilize them in the way he carried his equipment. $145






OC-746   WWI Canadian Canteen Harness for bottle and cloth/leather shoulder strap. $75
OC-745     Fantastic carved bone  POW French Souvenir sculpture. Very well done. Approx 10 inches in height. $125



OC-744    Fantastic carved bone  POW French Souvenir sculpture. Very well done. Approx 10 inches in height. $125





OC-736  WWI Orange piped Aviation Service overseas cap. Very scarce. $145






OC-735   WWII Horizon Blue enlisted mans overseas cap. $65



OC-722  Very rare WWI Distinguished Service Order Medal Certificate for an Officer in the 5TH Canadian Mounted Rifles. $235






OC-718    Rare early War, British double painted, apple green rimless brodie. On one side the British Army Medical Corps and the other.58TH (London) Division. Lacks liner and strap. Quite a bit of use and wear but an EXTREMELY RARE!!! piece. $325





OC-704  WWI British Soldiers metal insignia polish. $55








OC-702  WWI French Horizon Blue wool cylindrical sleeve, possibly for small cook stove. Regimental stamp. $55
OC-693  1ST Pattern French produced Italian Helmet. Original blue finish showing through the green overpaint. Chinstrap is complete, but liner is missing. Quite rare!! $145 



OC-644    1914 Princess Mary Tin. These were distributed tothe troops in the field during Christmas of 1914. They contained either chocolate or tobacco. $90




OC-641  Large canvas bag in which loafs of bread were delivered to the Soldiers in the field. Approx 4 ft in length. $80





  OC-636   WWI French Infantry Shoulder Boards, circa 1914. $80
OC-632   WWI French side knife as carried by Allied Troops in France. $95
OC-602   WWI British or Canadian waist belt, holes in reverse, will display well from front. $55







OC-574  WWI battlefield found French Trench Mortar fins. $35
OC-570  WWI sections of  a French Rifle Grenade and a British Mills Bomb. $20








OC-530   Set of 3, 1917 dated,  issues of the French magazine, "The Aviation War". Shows planes, squadron locations, interviews with pilots etc. People were fascinated by Airplanes in WWI and Air Combat was new and exciting to them. These are very tough to find. Set of 3- $40
OC-528   Set of 3, 1917 dated,  issues of the French magazine, "The Aviation War". Shows planes, squadron locations, interviews with pilots etc. People were fascinated by Airplanes in WWI and Air Combat was new and exciting to them. These are very tough to find. Set of 3- $40
OC-527    Set of 3, 1917 dated,  issues of the French magazine, "The Aviation War". Shows planes, squadron locations, interviews with pilots etc. People were fascinated by Airplanes in WWI and Air Combat was new and exciting to them. These are very tough to find. Set of 3- $40

OC-517    WWI Straight Leg, light weight, British Officers Tropical Trousers used in Turkey by a British Medical Officer. $170







  OC-515  Selection of British Toothbrushes found on the Somme. $50








OC-514  French Distilled Water Bottle from the Somme. $20








OC-512  Very scarce WWI British rod type, Rifle Grenade Number 24. $65








OC-511  French WWI "Racket" Grenade. This cylinder was wired to a wooden handle. It had a fuse that was lit and then could be thrown. $60






OC-492   WWI British Gas Mask Bag with 88TH Division Trench Art. Mask contained within is standard dried out US issue. Bag is in excellent condition. $230


  OC-409  Interesting set of 2 French ID tags to the same person. $55
  OC-408  French ID Tag. $35
  OC-396  French Soldiers ID tag with chain. $40
  OC-395  French Soldiers bracelet. $40
OC-393   Scarce French manual for Infantry combat. $45


  OC-369  WWI French Colonial Troops collar tab. $35
  OC-366     WWI French enlisted ID bracelet, the French equivalent of our dog tags. $40
  OC-359    WWI French enlisted ID bracelet, the French equivalent of our dog tags. $40
  OC-357    WWI French enlisted ID bracelet, the French equivalent of our dog tags. $40
OC-354  WWI French enlisted ID bracelet, the French equivalent of our dog tags. $40






OC-342  WWI French enlisted ID bracelet, the French equivalent of our dog tags. $40ON HOLD





OC-333   Very unusual French mourning veil and cloth basket for flowers or petals. De-accessioned form a museum who had some French civilian items as part of their 1920s War display. $85
OC-303  WWI French Military Almanac $30






OC-302  1916 French army History. $35







OC-296  Very nice French poster with French Ladies kissing the French flag. $235






OC-255a  WWI French ID Bracelet. $40





OC-225   WWI Italian Conservation poster. $100







OC-222  Nice 3 part photo set of British leaders, "Men of the Hour" Approx 8 X 13. $30






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