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WWI Uniforms and Groupings
U-962   The best WWI US Marine Corps enlisted grouping, we have ever offered. This named grouping includes wonderful badged USMC tunic with great 2ND Division Coblenz painted Indian head patch, rank, Croix de Guerre and shooting badges. Overseas cap sports a numeral "5" for 5TH Regiment, 2ND Division and EGA, named on the interior. Choice trousers. Helmet is painted with the black square of the 5TH Regiment HQ unit. Liner is loose and chinstrap is broken. His original gas mask and bag is present, and inscribed to him, as is a Chau Chat Machine Gun Magazine Clip Bag which he used as a haversack. It is also inscribed. Amazingly his original named equipment is also present.  USMC snapped ammo belt with his stamped or stenciled name, as well as his 1910 pack, which shows evidence of being a battle field salvage item, prior to issue. It is inscribed on reverse. His USMC snap canteen is here with early flat top canteen. Copy of unit photo as well as other research and Roster Info. This Soldier was decorated with the Croix de Guerre and Silver Star for valor. It does not get much better for a USMC enlisted man. $6795ON HOLD

U-961  3RD Division uniform with trousers. 7TH Infantry collar disc with great 3RD Div ssi. Nice trousers as well. $235
U-960  89TH Division Artillery tunic with some scattered moth bites. $140
U-959  Nice US Quartermaster 1ST Army Variant tunic with ribbon bar with Purple Heart and others. $180
    U-958   Tan cotton, 29TH Division uniform with PFC of Infantry rank. Machine gun collar brass. $150ON HOLD
U-957  WWI 4TH Division identified uniform set with tunic, trousers and overseas cap. Includes his pay book, letter and some misc. items. Trousers have some scattered mothing. $255  $SOLD$
U-956  WWI 1ST Division tunic and trousers, named in both. Nice 1ST Division SSI. USNA disc is incorrect, but easily replaced. $220   $SOLD$
U-955  WWI 77TH Division Staff Sgt in the 302ND Engineers. Nice rank patch and 77TH Div SSI.  Named inside the French made overseas cap. $265   $SOLD$
U-954  91ST Division PFC of Engineers. Great embroidered SSI and PFC or Engineer rate. $195
U-953    Amazing Belleau Wood Marine Corps Grouping! Includes a choice WWI Marine Tunic with rank, overseas and discharge stripes. Shooting badges and ribbon bar on the front. Initials on the interior. Matching trousers in choice condition. WWI OD wool overseas cap with EGA on front. A short but amazing hand written diary of his experiences, including actions at Belleau Wood. Dog tags on original cord with medal grouping. Medals include Victory Medal, Good Conduct, Doylestown, PA medal, extra overseas stripes and single collar disc. The canteen cup is engraved with his name, unit and battle honor, his ditty bag is unit inscribed. His German hate belt is covered with buttons and insignia. There are 2 original portrait photos including one of him as an MP and one of him taken during the early days of the Occupation of Germany. There is also a copy of the rare book, "Where the Marines Fought in France", a photo book of battlefield images showing Marine locations. He was lightly  gassed at Belleau Wood and had to go to hospital  on 6/19. He rejoined his unit and fought at St. Mihiel and then at Mt Blanc where he was wounded on 10/4. The planchet and ribbon of the good conduct were missing, and were replaced. Unfortunately the 2ND Division SSI was removed as was the left sleeve rank. Most likely the patches were placed in a frame back in the 20s or 30s by the Veteran himself.. The rank patch was replaced with a correct PFC patch. Group turned up in a Pennsylvania house clean out and was written up by the auctioneer, which is included. One of the best Belleau Wood groupings which I have ever seen and that you will ever get  a shot at $4495ON HOLD
U-952  Great uniform for the Field Artillery Brigade of the 76TH Division. Nicely inscribed on the interior. One light stain on the front, otherwise very nice. $180  ON HOLD
U-951   Very rare WWI Coffee Grinding Unit. This quartermaster unit was not identified until fairly recently. The use of coffee by the AEF was quite substantial and there was a unit tasked with its handling and distribution. RARE. $295 ON HOLD
U-950   WWI Sergeant's uniform. Very good condition overall with just a few scattered moth nips. Good combat tunic. $130
U-949   Rare set of 2 WWI Siberian Expeditionary Force Tunics, obtained directly from the family in the early 1980s. Two original letters plus photocopies provided by the family. $895 $SOLD$
U-948   Very nice 89TH Field Artillery grouping, identified with portrait photo. Also has unit history, Victory Medal, overseas cap trousers and some souvenirs. Really a nice IDed set.Ex Orton Begner Collection. $495  $SOLD$
  U-947   WWI 37TH Division tunic. Very good condition overall. $190
  U-946  Interesting Lt. Colonel's uniform for an Aid de Camp, meaning a General's Aid. $235
U-945  Scarce WWI Public Health Service uniform. A few scattered moth bites, otherwise very nice. $110   $SOLD$
U-944  WWI 28TH Division Officers tunic, trousers, red piped overseas cap and visor cap. Shows some wear to areas, stain to front of visor cap but attractively priced. $365 $SOLD$
U-943     29TH Division Tunic and overseas cap. Slice to rear of tunic, and a few scattered moth nips, otherwise good condition. $190
  U-942  Very nice 28TH Division private purchase tunic with numbered collar brass and old typed museum tag in the pocket. $195








U-941  90TH Division WWI cotton Summer weight tunic. Very good condition overall with just a few small snags and pinholes. $125
U-936    This is one of the "Holy Grail" uniforms for collectors of WWI US Marine Corps Material. Authentic WWI Marine Officer's uniforms are impossible to find, much less with this kind of condition and history. This Officer, then a an enlisted man, came across with the 6TH Marine Regiment in 1917 and went into combat in the early Spring of 1918 with the 82ND Company, 6TH Marine Regiment serving from March to May near Verdun. He then went to Belleau Wood where he was severely wounded on June 3RD as they were approaching the wood itself. He spent July and August in hospital before returning to combat in time for St. Mihiel in September, Champagne in October at Mont Blanc, the Meuse Argonne sector October to Nov. He received the Silver Star for valor for his actions at Mt Blanc. Following the Armistice he received a promotion to 2ND Lieutenant. His French made Officers tunic and trousers are named to him. Wonderful German or French made 3RD Battalion, 6TH Regiment patch adorns the sleeve. Interestingly the Tailor must not have had Marine Officers buttons in stock and substituted blackened Naval Officers buttons. When I got the uniform one collar device was missing, so a replacement was found. these are quite rare as they are French made. In the pocket is the original shipping box for his Purple Heart. This heart was removed from the box just prior to the uniform being sold, so it is out there waiting to be found!! I doubt you will ever see a Marine Officer's set of this quality, with this kind of history. Full research included. $7995. ON HOLD
U-940  Exceptionally RARE!!!! Harlem Hell Fighters tunic from a member of Company L of the 15TH New York Infantry, which became the 369TH Infantry. Only the 3RD Real one we have ever seen. Private purchase tunic with wonderful SSI. Although the patch has slightly pulled away, there is no doubt about this one. $1895 ON HOLD
U-939   Unidentified WWI Overseas Pilot's tunic. American made tunic with nice French bullion wings. Has old repairs from mothing to the front skirt and some mothing to a rear cuff. Nice real tunic, priced accordingly. $675  $SOLD$
U-938   Nice 5TH Division Cotton tunic with cotton trousers. Overall very nice condition. 3 tiny moth nips to patch otherwise excellent. $150
U-937  Very nice 38TH Division tunic with named mirror and case. Very nice with Signal Corps Corporal stripes. $210







U-936   Very nice 1ST Army Motor Transport Corps tunic with fantastic MTC Sergeant sleeve rate. US and MTC collar brass. A couple of moth nips and one rear seam has opened up, which will need to be re-stitched. $275




U-935  Fantastic French made US Army Pilots tunic, named on the interior to a Pilot being trained in France. Classic French bullion wing. A few tiny snags and a few tiny moth nips, otherwise choice. Needs to be researched. $995 ON HOLD
    U-934  Very nice identified 1ST Division uniform set purchased directly from the descendants of this Soldier back in th e1980s. $245
U-933     Scarce identified grouping for a member of the 56TH Searchlight Engineers. Includes his tunic, single dog tag, pocket compass with cover, panoramic photo in poor condition with splits. Some internet research on the individual. $375$SOLD$
U-929  WWI Cotton US Marine Corps blouse. Identified in the sleeve. $275
  U-927   WWI enlisted man's wool trousers. Very good condition. $75
U-926   Nice identified 5TH Division Grouping with 2 uniforms, 1 OD wool, the other cotton. Both in very good condition. The wool uniform has the standard 5TH Division SSI, the Cotton has an embroidered "5" as well as a mini 3RD Army insignia above the overseas stripes. Assortment of paperwork, post cards, currency and souvenirs. Wool uniform has mothing to the interior of the collar, will not show when displayed. $495$SOLD$
U-923    Very nice WWI Service blouse in very good condition, a few scattered moth nips. Good for a battle display. $130
U-921   Very interesting WWI Pilot's tunic with pin back wings. Pin is not typical drop in pin, but crude spring pin with open catch. I have only had one other of these. It was in a 258TH Aero Squadron Trunk grouping with 4 uniforms with wings. On ewas pin back and 3 were sew on. $1095
U-920  Nice identified Dentist Grouping with Medical Trim Officers Side Cap and research. Named in both tunic and trousers. $225  $SOLD$
U-918  WWI Air Service Pilots Tunic with reseach. No wings, but nice named Aviator. $300
U-916  Scarce Railway Artillery Reserve tunic with single Dog Tag and research. Some flaws to the patch as shown. A few scattered moth nips. Scarce uniform. $375ON HOLD
U-914  Very nice YMCA Uniform with "US" and "YMCA" collar badges and sleeve patch. Shows some small repairs and moth bites. Scarce uniform with some flaws as shown. $195ON HOLD
U-913  Very nice 42ND Division Medical Officer's tunic. French made with Captain's bars. Great tunic. Identified to Captain Roy D. Bryson.  $250  $SOLD$
U-910    Great identified grouping for a member of the 21ST Engineers. Includes painted Brodie helmet with an added "L" and "R" for light railway. Helmet lacks lower chinstrap otherwise is choice. Great tunic with numbered brass, trousers, overseas cap. British made gas mask bag, inscribed., belt, leggings etc.. Great set in wonderful condition. $535
  U-909  Very nice WWI Pilots Tunic with older research. French made tunic and insignia. Great bullion wing. This Pilot was assigned to the 258TH Aero Squadron. Very nice condition overall. Ex Dale Biever collection, ex Bob Ford collection. $1195
U-905    WWI Ambulance Service Grouping featuring 2 patched tunics, one wool and 1 cotton, photo of this Veteran wearing the cotton tunic, great tailor made overseas cap, 1 standard overseas cap, WWI Service banner, 2 pairs of trousers, handkerchief and Victory Medal. Just released from an older collection. Rare identified set. $795
U-904    Very nice 33RD Division identified uniform grouping. This set features 33RD Division tunic with French made SSI, overseas cap, patched overcoat with French made SSI, dog tags, discharge paperwork, citations, photo of this signalman as well as some of his notes and personal items. $475
U-901  6TH Division tunic with great French made embroidered 6TH Division SSI. Very nice. $160
U-900   WWI US issue wool tunic. Very good condition overall. $140
U-899   WWI US Marine Corps Dress Blues. Includes Corporals Tunic and striped trousers, both named to the same Marine. Tunic has scattered moth bites and small holes with 2 larger holes. Trousers have scattered mothing to the crotch as shown. The Marine Bell Crown is very solid however has some scattered moth bites and tracking across the top. Waist belt has been jeweler monogramed. A very affordable set just needing a little repair for just the price of what the hat would be in better condition. $535
U-898  WWI Corporals Summer Weight Tunic. Good condition overall named to 2 different Marines. Should be an interesting research project. $275
U-897  1ST Army Air Service Officers uniform with stripped chest insignia. This tunic still has its great 1ST Army Air Service French made insignia. It also appears to have had a bullion pilot's wing removed and a sew on French wing on the other side, or possibly an Italian one. Needs research. Very high quality. $425
U-895  Air Service enlisted man's blouse with "US" and Air Service collar insignia. $110  ON HOLD
U-894   WWI Cotton Blouse with USQMC Rank insignia. Good condition overall. $95
U-893  Nice 87TH Ided Group with gas mask and bag, IDed overseas cap and numbered disc. $355
U-891 87TH Division Tunic and Trousers. Good condition overall. $185
U-882  Nice named set of tunic and overcoat from a member of the 312TH Machine Gun Battalion, 79TH Division. Good condition overall. $355   $SOLD$
  U-822   Very interesting 309TH Engineer Grouping. Fantastic camo 84TH Helmet with "309" worked into the camouflage. Liner is loose and chinstrap in pieces. Named gas mask and bag with inked Engineer castle. Tunic has scarce early axe design but the tunic and trousers are HEAVILY moth eaten as shown. $495
U-881  3RD Corps private purchase tunic and trousers. Missing a couple of buttons and a few larger moth bites at bottom as shown, otherwise very nice. $130
U-880  WWI US Army Wool Trousers. Very good condition except for 2 or 3 tiny moth bites. $60
U-879  26TH, "Yankee" Division Sergeant's tunic with shooting badge. Very good condition overall. $195
  U-878    WWI Infantry Tunic with overseas and wound stripes. A few scattered moth nips otherwise, very nice. $120
U-877  91ST Division tunic with padded 91ST patch. US and Engineer collar discs, cap with Engineer insignia, Veteran's caps, puttees and Trousers. ID card in the pocket. $250
U-875  79TH Division Artilleryman's uniform with research. Great bullion patch. $185ON HOLD
  U-874  WWI tunic with honorable discharge stripe and service stripes. One hole to chest as shown and some tiny scattered nips, otherwise very nice. $110ON HOLD
U-867  91ST Division Tunic and Trousers with great Liberty Loan patch. Excellent condition. $220
  U-866  WWI First Army Ordinance tunic with great Bakelite buttons. Very good condition overall, with just a few tiny moth nips. $220
U-860    Nice 40TH Division Machine Gunner's Uniform with Overseas cap and puttee. Comes with 1966 account of the family history and some of his WWI experiences. Black and white photocopy of the Soldier and his brother shows him wearing this exact uniform. $295
U-858   Choice WWI 2ND Division uniform with numbered collar brass for the 2ND Division as well as the 23RD Infantry Regiment. Scarce 2ND Division Liberty Loan. $425
U-856  WWI US Issue Trousers. Very good condition overall. A couple of small nip to the front, otherwise very nice. $60
U-851  Interesting 29TH Division Engineers Tunic with separate red Engineer castle underneath it. Nice tunic with some scattered moth bites as shown. $195
  U-849  WWI Corporals tunic with double Corporals Stripes. Double stripes were suspended during 1917-18 to conserve wool, but early 1917 tunics worn overseas would have the matched sets. $140
U-834   Very nice 83RD Division enlisted mans tunic. Excellent condition overall. $195
U-811  WWI General- Intermediate Supply Depot Uniform. Nice condition. $195
U-810  3RD Division Enlisted Mans Tunic. Good condition overall. Named on the interior. A few small pulls and some wear to patch. $180
U-799    WWI Motor Transport Corps Tunic. French made tunic. The MTC collar pins have had the pins removed and have been sewn directly to the collar. This way they lay better on the collar. A few buttons need to be resewn. Very nice uniform overall. $140
U-793  Very nice named 5TH Brigade Marine Corps Tunic with the SSI of the 3RD Battalion of the 11TH Marine Regiment. A few scattered moth bites on the tunic as shown and one small 2 inch mothed area on the INSIDE of the tunic and it cannot be seen when displayed. Named to the original owner in the neck to a "W. M. Parker" $895 ON HOLD
U-783  WWII Private Purchase 2ND Division tunic. Someone has placed Engineer collar brass, which is incorrect as this is  unit would have been 2ND Division Headquarters Train or Division Military Police. It is possible he was transferred from an Engineer unit so we have not altered the way it was found. Name is present on a tailor label but very tough to make out. This Soldier also added some other stateside service stripes, possibly for his Mexican Border Service. $375



U-779  Very rare tunic worn by a Volunteer Physician who most likely served with one of the Surgical Units in France. I have seen one other shot of Dartmouth Medical Students wearing similar tunics. I have not found anything on this individual. These early volunteers served in British and French Military Hospitals and many Hospitals sponsored 6 Month overseas tours for a complete surgical staff, such as Lakeside Hospital or Massachusetts General Hospital. Only one I have ever seen. $825
U-777  Scarce Model 1912 Officers Summer Cotton tunic with cuff braids. These are tough to find. This one shows some stains from field use. Grease from an Artillery piece or a vehicle. $80$SOLD$
U-759    WWI Navy Jumper. Good condition overall. Coxswains rate. $90
U-758  WWI US Army Issue Trousers. Good condition overall. Repair to reverse. $60ON HOLD
U-757  Very nice 28TH Division tunic, cap and paperwork, including letters and nice photos. $350
U-756   WWI US Army Issue Cotton breeches. $50
U-752     Great WWI Issue Shirt with 79TH Division pocket patch. Shows actual use and washing. $85



U-751   Very clean Model 1918 41ST Division tunic. Excellent condition overall. $175




U-734   Nice set of WWI Trousers. Good condition overall. $65
U-731  Nice 1ST army Artillery tunic. A few small moth nips, otherwise very nice. $160
U-730  Nice 8TH Division enlisted tunic. Just a few scattered nips, otherwise very nice. Scarce. $170






U-706  WWI 7TH Division Ambulance Drivers Uniform, tunic and trousers from Ambulance Company 22 of the 7TH Division. Includes his unit marked canteen, cup and eating utensils, person photos and postcards mailed home. The panoramic photo is in a broken frame, with broken glass, so photo will be shipped rolled. Great ambulance grouping!! $445



U-705   1917 dated US Marine Corps Dress Blue Buglers uniform with correct sky blue trousers. Very good condition overall with just a couple of pea size holes to the sleeve as shown and some interior damage which will not show, when on display. Very rare uniform. $395






U-681   WWI wool enlisted man's tunic with collar discs, rank and discharge stripe. $140
U-677   Nice named 1ST Army Artillery tunic with bakelite buttons. 2 of which are damaged. Most likely one of the many Coast Artillery units used as Field Artillery in the AEF. Very nice condition. $160







U-645  WWI Medical PFC with 1ST Army SSI. Excellent condition overall except for area on the interior of the collar. Not visible from the outside. $175



U-644  WWI Enlisted Tunic for a member of the Advanced Sector Service of Supply. Very good condition except for  a couple of moth bites. $140




U-633  WWI Wool enlisted trousers. Good condition overall, just a few tiny flaws. $55







U-604  MINT large size WWI US Enlisted Trousers. $75ON HOLD







U-601  WWI Officers Combat uniform. Many Officers took enlisted man's tunics and added cuff braids to blend in from a distance. These are scarce. $210
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