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 WWII Headgear

    HH-1932  Very interesting M-1 helmet with a dark green color. Has 1st initial of last name plus last 4 of serial number. Very nice overall. Absolutely a wartime over paint. $350
HH-1931  WW2 M-1 Swivel loop helmet. Firestone liner. $350
HH-1930  Choice B-2 Flight Cap. Exc cond overall. $210$SOLD$
HH-1927  WW2 Aerial Gunners helmet. Helmet shows that it was repainted in the period. Felt pads have popped off, but they were glued from the factory. The pads need to be reattached. $255  $SOLD$
HH-1926  Choice WWII khaki Daisy Mae, approx. size 6 5/8. $85
HH-1925   WWI Semi Soft chocolate Crusher. Not the butter soft visor but one which is certainly not a stiff brim. $195
HH-1924  Rare US Army Medics helmet liner with large red cross that crowns the liner. Good condition overall. $350
H-1923   WWII Front Seam Navy Helmet and liner in red for Fire Control. Sweatband was replaced with a later strap, otherwise untouched. $195
  HH-1923  WW2 Fixed loop M-1 helmet with original liner.$395
HH-1915  Fantastic Korean War vintage Jet Pilots helmet with inner cloth flight helmet, O2 mask and external boom microphone for low altitude. Great Vulture artwork on the back. Navy wings on the front brow. Really one of the coolist 50s helmets that we have seen. $1095
HH-1913  WW2 US Marine Corps helmet and cover. Clean fixed loop helmet with "S-3" painted on the front of the helmet. The S-3 is the Operations Officer of a Marine Corps regiment, usually a Major. 1ST pattern cover is excellent with just some small rust spots on the interior from contact with the steel helmet. Really a choice helmet. $1595
  HH-1908  WW2 front seam, swivel bail helmet with liner. Very nice overall. $275
HH-1906  WWII Fixed loop helmet with full liner and strap. Helmet shell has been cleaned. $320
  HH-1905 Clean leather Navy and Marine Corps flight helmet. $95
    HH-1904   WWII Light weight flight helmet. Exc condition overall. $130
  HH-1902  WW2 Navy Talker helmet with full liner and chin strap. $375
HH-1899  WW2 Khaki cotton true crusher cap. Good condition with just a few small pin holes. $250
HH-1895  WW2 WAAC enlisted cap. $60
HH-1891  Choice tan Officers garrison cap. $60
  HH-1889  WW2 Officers Chocolate visor cap. Semi Soft visor. Very good condition overall. $250
HH-1887  Type A-11 Flight Helmet in choice condition with communication. Great set of AN6530 Flight Goggles with amber lenses. $425
HH-1886  M-5 Anti Flak Helmet. Very good condition overall. Some wear to one spot on chin strap, otherwise a very nice helmet. $350
HH-1884  WW2 piped Khaki Officers Side Cap. $40
HH-1876  Interesting decorated Navy White cap. $50
HH-1875  Korean War USMC Camo Helmet Cover.  The person applying the stamp for the EGA did the tan side but apparently missed the green side. Would be a more affordable cover for a WW2 display. Nice used condition. $450
HH-1873  WW2 Women's WAAC Officers visor cap. Very nice condition. $295
HH-1871  WW2 US Naval Officers Visor Cap. $155
HH-1865  WW2 Tank Destroyer overseas cap. $125
  HH-1852  Wonderful WW2 Navy Gunners "Talker" helmet with really interesting triple diamond pattern. Not sure of its meaning but something so that this individual could be quickly located from behind the gun position when firing. Full liner, just lacks hook in chin strap, frequently missing. $425
HH-1850  Rare WW2 Navy Signalman's helmet with 3 initials and signalman's rate on the front. Nickname of "Ambush" across the top. Liner is a 1950s replacement. $275
HH-1841  Officer tan cotton overseas cap. $40
HH-1840  Officer tan cotton overseas cap. $40
  HH-1837  WW2 Women's WAAC Visor cap. Identified with some research. $225
HH-1835  Rare black and orange Tank Destroyer piped overseas cap. $155
HH-1831   WW2 Wool Officers Overseas Cap.$35
HH-1829  WWII Fur felt enlisted visor cap. Good condition overall. $80
HH-1828   WWII Navy Foul Weather hat. Some cracking and dryness. $95
HH-1825  WW2 US Navy Flight Helmet. Mint condition. $75
HH-1823  WW2 Shearling Flight Helmet. Average condition. Will need to be cleaned up.  $75
HH-1817  A-8 cloth Flight Helmet in choice condition. $140
HH-1816  Post WW2 A-1 Flight Visor. Most likely for Observation Aircraft. $80
HH-1805  WWII US Navy WAVEs overseas caps. Nice condition overall. Named to Rita Hoffman. $65
HH-1804  WW2 Mint Officers cap. $35
HH-1803   WW2 Mint EM cap. $35
HH-1802   WW2 Mint EM cap. $35
HH-1794  Mint Jeep Cap. $140
HH-1791   WW2 Naval Officers side cap in dark blue.  $55
HH-1790  WW2 Naval Officers side cap in tan.  $60
HH-1776   WW2 British C- Type Helmet as used by British and American Forces. $395
HH-1774  Tan cotton garrison cap. $30
HH-1771  WW2 Officers blue Garrison cap. $40
HH-1770  WW2 Daisy Mae hat. $40
HH-1769  WW2 Officers tan Garrison cap. $40
HH-1763  WW2 Air Corps Mechanics cap. Shows actual use and wear. $85
HH-1760  Air Corps Piped Overseas Cap. $40
HH-1759  WW2 Field Cap. Exc condition. $55
HH-1757   Post WW2 MB-3 Flying Helmet. These were originally painted white. It is a cork style helmet. I think some of these may have been used as jump helmets in the 1950s-60s, even though that was not their original purpose. $250
HH-1755  WW2 Westinghouse M-1 Helmet liner with original Lieutenant bar on the front. Very nice condition overall. $195
H-1754  WW2 Camouflage helmet cover with integrated mosquito net/ sniper veil. $65
HH-1745  WW2 Cloth hood with original tag, mint condition. $55
HH-1742  WW1 Infantry garrison cap. $40
HH-1741  Un-issued Hood for the M-1943 Field Jacket. $45
HH-1735   Black/ Gold piped Officers Garrison Cap. $35
HH-1733   Black/ Gold piped Officers Garrison Cap. $50
HH-1732   Medical piped Officers Garrison Cap. $35
HH-1731  Air Corps piped enlisted Garrison Cap. $35
HH-1727   WW2 Womens Daisy Mae Hat, very nice condition. $95
HH-1725  WW2 Fatigue Cap, very soft material. Looks to be rigger made. $135
HH-1724   Very nice Officers Garrison Cap. $50
HH-1717    WW2 Enlisted khaki, "pink" enlisted cap. Great baggy top look. $130
HH-1715  WW2 WAAC overseas cap in khaki cotton. $90
HH-1713  WW2 Women Officers WAVE overseas cap. $95
HH-1711  Very nice WW2 Air Corps Enlisted Overseas cap. $50
HH-1704  WW2 Navy/ Marine Corps Summer Flight Helmet. Choice condition. $150
HH-1702  WW2 Double Eyelet WAAC Daisy Mae cap. Lacks its label. Good condition overall. $75
HH-1700  WW2 Tan enlisted visor cap. Exc condition. $120
HH-1698  Early WW2 Leather Flight Helmet. Exc condition. $120
HH-1693  WW2 Cotton Duck Cold Weather hat with wool lining. $55
HH-1691  WAAC enlisted piped overseas cap. $80
HH-1686  Choice Cold Weather fatigue cap. $90
HH-1678  WW2 enlisted mans visor cap. Exc. $110
HH-1662  WW2 Tan Crusher Cap by Pendola of Tampa Florida. Very nice. $320
HH-1661  Choice, scarce enlisted WW2 Bancroft Flighter, "Crusher", by Feldman Uniform, Olive Drab color. $355
HH-1657  Choice WW2 Air Corps Mechanics cap. Very clean. $140
HH-1651  Scarce Naval Officers Gray overseas cap. $50
  HH-1650  WW2 Enlisted Overseas cap with letters, photos and souvenirs. Even a WW2 Condom. $125
HH-1644  WWI Front Seam Swivel Loop Helmet. Well used condition. $250
HH-1643    WW2 Period Enlisted Man's Visor Cap. $95
HH-1641  WW2 Period Enlisted Man's Visor Cap. $95
HH-1637  WW2 Army Fatigue cap. Good condition overall. $85
HH-1633   WWII M-1 Helmet Liner made by Westinghouse. Nicely painted with the Training Command painted insignia. $150
HH-1632  Buff colored QMC enlisted cap. $35
HH-1631  Artillery enlisted side cap. $35
HH-1614  WW2 Chief Peetty Officers cap. $95
HH-1613   Infantry enlisted Garrison cap. $45
HH-1612  Artillery enlisted Garrison cap. $40
HH-1591   WW2 period wool visor cap. Type brought overseas and worn by GIs. $75
HH-1581  Choice WWII green Daisy Mae, approx size 6 5/8. $65
HH-1580   Choice mint WWII green Daisy Mae, size 6 5/8. MINT. $60
HH-1521  Choice WWII green Daisy Mae, approx. size 6 7/8. $65
HH-1520  Marine enlisted cap in khaki. $30
HH-1507    Choice WWII green Daisy Mae, approx. size 6 7/8. $65
  HH-1477  1930s ships enlisted hat for the tug, USS Uncas. A few small mothed spots. This ship received a battle star for helping drive off a German submarine during a convoy run. $75
HH-1458    WWII enlisted visor cap. Very good condition. $80
HH-1447  WWII Ordinance Garrison Cap. $50
HH-1393  WWII chamois lined Flight Helmet. Excellent condition. $95
HH-1347  WWII enlisted man's visor cap. A couple of tiny moth nips. $65
HH-1339   Very nice WWII Artillery enlisted Garrison cap. $30
HH-1145   Hood Low Pressure Liner which was interestingly issued out and then turned into a safety helmet or toy. $90
HH-1129   WWII enlisted Glider Signal Corps overseas cap. $150
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