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 WWI US Equipment
E-1706  WWI Soldiers Diary. Interior has not much in the way of content, the great part of this is the celluloid cover and interior photo holder with shots of his girl. $60  $SOLD$
  E-1703  WWI Soldiers Pocket Book style wallet, approx 8 inches in length. New condition with price tag. $45
E-1702   WWI Kodak "Autographic Vest Pocket Camera". These Cameras were heavily marketed toward Soldiers going overseas. Soldiers were discouraged from using cameras at the front, but brought them anyway!! scarce. $75
  E-1672    1917 WWI US Army Revolver Holster. Good condition overall. $95
E-1665    WWI Officers Valise. Inscribed on the front with name and "Signal Corps, US Army".  Very good condition overall. $80
    E-1661    WWI 45 Automatic clip pouch. Includes original instruction sheet. $45
  E-1647  WWI Petersen Device carry case for the clips. $25
  E-1641  WWI Grenade Vest for the VB Rifle Grenade. Mint, unused, cords still wrapped. $45
E-1615  WWI US Marine Corps ditty bag inscribed to the Marine who carried it. Inscribed with his name, USMC, Guard Company, St. Nazaire, France and others. $45
  E-1605  WWI Type EE, US Signal Corps Binos with original belt case. Compass needs to be replaced. Overall good shape. $90
    E-1602   Extremely rare WWI US Marine Corps 1ST Aid packet. These were issued to US Marines and US Navy Corpsman fighting in France. $110
  E-1601   Interesting long handled brass bodied flashlight. $75
  E-1600  Model 1910 leather map case with shoulder sling. Missing the leather closure tab on the front and a crack to interior plastic as shown. $80
  E-1582  WWI Trench Art Mess Kit with wonderful engraved Women's portrait on the bottom. $70 HOLD
E-1534  Very unusual book for American Express Travelers checks from 1917 with exchange rate in French Francs, British Pounds and US Dollars. Checks have been used but leather wallet remains. Only one I have ever seen. $35
E-1532  WWI T- Handle Shovel. Well used with splitting to wood as shown. $55
  E-1525  WWI clip pouch for the Petersen Device for the 03 Springfield. $35
E-1496 Very unusual Engineer Compass. Stitching is popped on back side of case. $140
E-1478  WWI Eagle Snap flashlight with button hole which could be hung from a uniform button. $95 $SOLD$
E-1467    WWI period, shoulder bag by Iver Johnson. Shoulder strap is salvaged British. Good condition overall. $85
E-1466  Fantastic deluxe hand embroidered stable belt with British an allied flags. $125
  E-1413  WWI Pick Mattock and carrier. Handle is a unissued WWII replacement but head and carrier are WWI. $120
P-610    WWI Manual for the Lewis Machine Gun with pull out diagram. $40
 P-609   WWI Lewis Machine Gun manual with pull out diagrams. $40
E-1291  WWI Eagle Snap 45 clip pouch. Excellent condition. $95
     E-1289  Scarce French made, WWI Mess kit in steel. $55
    E-1268  WWI pair of US dog tags. $35
  E-1266   WWI Peterson Device carry case for the 1903 Springfield bolt. $35
E-1257  WWI Battery pack made from the repair box for a BAR. This came with a Doughboy lot, use unknown. $45
E-1217  WWI Soldiers watch fob and nail knife. Nice period piece. $30
  E-1173    Very interesting shoulder bag with US markings on both sides of the flap. Many of these were used during WWI. Strap has a break. $60
 P-606   Great Private Purchase Manual for Soldiers and Sailors headed overseas. $45  ON HOLD
  E-1143  WWI Officers leggings. Shows quite a bit of wear. $20
    E-1142  WWI Officers leather leggings. $40
E-1137  MINT clip pouch for th e45 Automatic. $25
  E-1128   Early form of Anti Dimming Compound in original canister. $35
E-1119   WWI Officers leather leggings. $40
E-1093  RARE Model 1905 Bayonet for the 03 Springfield Rifle. Production on these bayonets did not start until 1906. There were 2 manufacturers, Springfield Arsenal and Rock Island Arsenal. Springfield started numbering bayonets in 1906, RIA did not start until 1907. 1906 was a short run for them at just 2100 units making this the rarest of the standard bayonets for the 03! $395

    E-1029  Pair of WWI Dog Tags. $30 ON HOLD
    E-1028  Pair of WWI Dog Tags. $30
    E-1027  Pair of WWI Dog Tags. $30
  1017  WWI US Rifle Sling for 03Springfield. Marks are no longer visible. $90$SOLD$
  E-1000   Early Model 1910 US army Shovel. This model has no reinforcement on the reverse. Tough to find. $135
    E-980  WWI US Navy thumbprint dog tag with wrist chain. $65
    E-979  WWI US Navy thumbprint dog tag with wrist chain. $65
  E-915  WWI Peterson Device clip case, marked Rock Island Arsenal and dated 1919. $35
    P-604   Liaison Manual. $30
     P-603    Guidebook for the City of Orleans. $20
 P-602   Set of 3 Artillery Manuals. $35
    E-873  Mint unused spur straps. $30
    P-600   155MM Cannon Tables. $25
  P-599  Liaison manual. $35
  E-851 1907 dated US Navy Shell from a deck gun. Approx 37MM. $75
E-835  Model 1910 pack dated 1917. Inscribed to an Aero Squadron. $110
  E-834  Captured German cloth case. Snap has pulled through. Appox 10 inches in length. $30
  E-833  French made 1918 dated Wire Cutters as used by Signal Corps Troops. $75
    E-829  Private Purchase shaving mirror with original wool cover and mailing envelope. Mirror has oxidized to wool cover so would be displayed as shown. $30
  E-827  Frankfort Arsenal Empty box of shells for the38 Cal Revolver. Emptied and resealed. $20
    E-822  Rock Island Arsenal WWI, Spare Barrel Cover. $95
  E-821   Very High Grade WWI Naval Officers Dress belt. $225
E-809  WWII Shoulder bag for the Signal Flag set. $35
P-598   Very nice WWI French phrase book. $30
P-597   French/ English Dictionary IDed to a WWI Officer. $35
E-746  WWI Soldiers Handkerchief. $20
E-732  Trench Mirror. $40ON HOLD
    E-728   WWI Set of Dog Tags. $30







  E-562  WWI Mills manufactured case for the Signal Flag case. $45
  E-522a  Set of WWI Dog Tags. $40






  E-521a   WWI NCO Whistle. Very nice condition. $35







  E-484a   WWI National Guard issue sewing kit with red lining. $25







E-431a   US Quartermaster Corps Cruet (Vinegar bottle) for an Officers Mess. $45
    E-399a  WWI shaving mirror.$15






E-388a  WWI Mess Kit for a member of the 4TH Machine Gun Battalion, 2ND Division AEF. $45





  E-316a  WWI Grenade Vest for the VB Rifle Grenade as widely used by both US and French Forces. $35





E-291a  WWI Laundry Bag. $40
    E-247a  WWI rubberized canvas organizer with stenciled name and unit info. $40





  E-246  WWI canvas folding water bucket. $40









E-245  Very unusual 1 Pound Shell. Part of a collection of these that we are selling. Odd Markings  $75



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